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Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

The ghost of Baghdad revealed a secret by telling about the AMAL. It was among those secrets which were buried in the chests from centuries or they were known only to the generations of ghosts. It’s that kind of a secret which if become known to man, he will think that it is not possible but the reality is that whoever got this secret he was met with a big success, wealth, repute and his generations flourished.


Ghost of Baghdad explained the AMAL and said on 4th of new moon means 4th day of Islamic month observe fast. Means the day after night of 3rd. Similarly keep fasting till 14th of the Islamic month. On the night of 14th one has to recite SURAH MUZAMIL all night and it should be recited where one doubts that any wealth is hidden. From 4th till 14th one has to recite SURAH MUZAMIL daily while fasting. It is usually recited 1300 times but one can recite it 1100, 900 or at least 300 times.

This AMAL of 10 days from 4th to 14th can change the destiny of one’s generations for once and for all. Do this AMAL again in next month from 4th to 14th and then again in 3rd month from 4th to 14th. Within 3 months one gets fruitful results and the SURAH MUZAMIL has to be recited in many times. Try to do this AMAL in winter rather than in summers. One who will do this AMAL it is necessary for him to eat butter or ghee and his diet should be very healthy. One has to recite SURAH MUZAMIL all day while walking. It is better to lock yourself in the room and then do this AMAL. It is not as difficult as it is a matter of only 10 days. Recite while walking; one can sit if he gets tired. Do this while being in ablution. If ablution breaks immediately do it again. Wear white clothes, use lots of non-alcoholic fragrance (ITTAR), abstain from worldly talk, avoid intercourse with wife and avoid illegal and forbidden food.


Ghost of Baghdad said that should I tell you a secret? He said that I have told this AMAL to many people and then he narrated stories of all wealthy kings, ministers, influential and rich people of old centuries. All these stories left me in astonishment.



He narrated the incident of servant of SULTAN NOOR UD DIN ZANGI. Once king became angry on him and he in the fear of being killed or punished by the king left the country at night, he crossed the jungle and reached at river, there he hired a ship from shipman and moved to an unknown island. The island was thinly populated; he started living there and used to make his ends meet by doing the work of labor.  He was expert in some art due to which within few days he became among prosperous people of that area but he was not satisfied.


He thought that I was a servant of a king and was living a luxurious life over there and here I am living an ordinary life so I must do something. He knew an AMAL of ISTIKHARA in which there was HAZIRAAT (in which a ghost or spiritual power appears at the end). The ghost of Baghdad while narrating this story lied with wall and said that it is obligatory for me to appear at the end of this AMAL.


Whoever do that AMAL, I appear at the end. He performed an extremely difficult AMAL of 41 nights, we tried to scare him by every means, by appearing as snake, dog, monster, tiger, bear or by scaring him by fire. Hence we tried our very best but he didn’t left the AMAL and after 41 nights I appeared as his slave.


When I appeared he immediately asked me to tell him some AMAL. He said I want to become rich so tell me some AMAL regarding this and AMAL should be an effective one. So I told him about this AMAL of 4th to 14th and SURAH MUZAMIL. He was a strong man and asked that’s it? And what will be the result? I answered that just try this AMAL and it will be fruitful. He engaged himself in this AMAL determinedly. He was so determined, he did that AMAL for one month but no result came out so I told him to do this for 3 months, he again engaged himself in next month. He used to recite SURAH MUZAMIL millions of times all day and night. At last he got his wish in 3rd month.


There was a big treasure of a king. He died and centuries had passed, his palace signs got vanished. He got information through that AMAL that there is a deserted place, a centuries old city and a particular place was pointed out there. He was directed to make a house at that particular place under which there is a treasure. He was directed to dig out the treasure in a careful manner and he was informed that ghost protectors of treasure will help you and you will get that wealth.


He was ordered to divide treasure in 4 parts. Give one part to those ghost protectors, one part for himself, one part for his generations and one part for ALLAH (to give charity in way of ALLAH).


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