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Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

Dear readers! You too should part with the close fisted attitude. If you have tried a spiritual, physical, prescription or a tip and you have found it helpful or you have seen or heard an out of ordinary incident, pages of Ubqari are for you. Don’t consider a minor experience insignificant, it might prove to be a solution of someone’s problems and a continuous charity for you. Write haphazardly, on one side of the page, we shall manage it ourselves.


Self-restraint and justice

(Sheikh Muhammud Ishaq Kumalvi)

The literal meaning of self-restraint is to keep one’s self safe and guarded. Its epicenter is heart. Abstinence plays a pivotal and key role in building a person’s character. Hazoor nabi e kareem ﷺ  said “ there is a piece of flesh in a human’s body, if it is fine, the whole body shall be fine, if it gets out of order the whole body systems are disordered. He said; that flesh is heart.

Self restraint is in fact the name of safety measures that we practice to keep ourselves safe and the precautions that we take to restrict ourselves from sins. To become abstemious it is important to look after our self (space for Arabic text nufs). Self is ostentatious in all states being hypocrite in most conditions. Self is a platform of evil and an army of desires. Huzrut Ali رضی اللہ عنہا said that the relation between my self (nufs) and I can be likened to a shepherd who, when gathers his sheep to take them to one side run off to the other side. Self (nufs) is like a burning coal which has a good colour but it is meant to burn.If we treat self (nufs) strictly it turns towards repentance and stops from sins. Contrary to it, if we set it loose, it follows its desires and deviates from pious deeds.

Allah says” the best of attires is a dress of self restraint” The point to say is that, self restraint is the spirit of all acts of worship. Both the scales of fear and hope should be balanced. Inequality becomes a cause of unbalance. Heaven is more close to a person than his shirt’s button and so is hell. Huzoor ﷺ­ said, “leave what puts you in doubt and take what is doubtless” The thing that requires to protected from and feared most is the evil of self and within. Enormous destruction that has taken place in the world is because of evil within mankind. Harm to one’s world and faith is the result of evil within self (nufs). Hazoor nabi e kareem ﷺ said, Oh Allah keep me safe from the evil of my self (nufs) and give strength to rectify my action. Nufs is inside our body like oil is in milk and almond extract. It is subtle like air and adjusted to body parts. Allah has said,”this worldly life is nothing but a scanty possession as compared to the after world” ( alraad 26). Self restraint gives rise to insight in a person due to which a person gains ability to differentiate between good and evil. Self restraint is a source of pious deeds.

A muslim is identified, and his glory lies in the fact that he neither deceives anyone nor can he be deceived by anyone. Not deceiving anyone is nobility and not being deceived is wisdom. Self restraint has been used in different interpretation in the Quran e.g., to be sober, fearing Allah, to avoid sins, and pass a guarded life. Self restraint is a pillar of justice. If there is self restraint in heart of a person he executes pious deeds and if the heart lacks self restraint he executes sinful deeds. Allah Amighty says,” Assist each other in self restraint and do not assist each other in sinful and selfish actions”. Justice is the soul of all universal systems. All fractions of the universe are in complete balance. Justice means to place a thing at the most suitable place. Allah almighty says, “Oh man why did you get lost from the way of Allah who created you then gave you a levelled arrangement and then established equity. (Ul unqutaar 7)

Few experiments for the readers of Ubqari
Principal (retd) Ghulam qadir hiraaj jhung)
Respected readers, Assalamo alaikum! I have some medicinal and spiritual experiences which I am presenting to you through Ubqari. Surely it will prove beneficial for many.

Benefit of roohani pukki and hazim khaas
As I am associated with hikmut ( herbal medicine), a patient was brought to me who was breathless, whole body was swollen and there were signs of inflammation. According to the patient, he has been under treatment of a specialist MBBS doctor since months and he had spent thousands of rupees. He said that the flesh of his legs had separated from the bones and its appearance had become so distorted that I was getting scared. This situation was beyond my comprehension. I suggested him to visit Ubqari dawakhana Lahore. He said I am about to die, my dead body will return if I go to Lahore. Give me something yourself. After taking Allah Almighty’s name I gave him “roohani phukki and hazim khaas” and urged him to take roohani phukki along honey after reciting bismillah thrice a day and then take haazim khaas an hour after meal after reciting bismillah. The same patient visited me walking by himself and said that my swelling and inflammation has relieved and I am able to walk. Give me the same medicine again. Allah Almighty blessed and such a chronic patient got healthy from a simple medicine. This is the exceptional benefit of roohani pukki.

Treatment of throat diseases
A patient had sore throat and was tired of allopathic medicines. I crushed black berry seeds, made tablets after kneading them in honey and urged him to suck three tablets a day, morning, evening and night. Swallow the saliva while keeping the tablet in mouth. I gave a total of 27 tablets. He returned happily to congratulate me the 10th day to announce that his throat which was not getting relief from allopathic medicines has cured 100 %.
A woman was pregnant. Lady doctor had told her that she would have to undergo caesarian section. She was very worried. I suggested to extract almond oil in own supervision and drink lukewarm cow’s milk added with 8 to 10 drops almond oil. Also recite surah yaseen till first mubeen and braise over brown sugar, then start from beginning and recite till second mubeen and braise over brown sugar, then start from beginning and recite till 3rd mubeen and braise. Repeat till 7th mubeen. You will eat this brown sugar when labour pains start. She did this and gave birth to a baby boy through normal delivery.

30 to 40 people from my family came to my house to settle a family dispute. I didn’t want to do their work as it was against my nature. They called me outside. I didn’t want to go in front of them. I sent my son to them. I performed ablution and offered 2 rakat prayer for need then started reciting ( space for Arabic text). My rosary had not finished yet and my son came and said there has been some disagreement between them and they have all left. Allah almighty extricated me by his ayat.

Enlightenment of heart: if someone desires Allah’s straight path so that his heart enlightens with light of faith, he should recite (space for Arabic text) 1100 times in the morning and evening daily.

Relief from chronic fever
I experimented on 5 patients after reading it from monthly Ubqari which proved to be 100% effective. They were not getting relief from chronic fever and were worried since a long time. I advised them to eat tukhm rehanwith lukewarm milk little by little such that they take a pinch of tukhm rehanin the mouth and drink 2  or 3 sips of milk on top of it. Repeat this, such that it takes15 to 20 minutes in taking this medicine 4 to 5 times. Do it continuously for 1 week. My patients were relieved from chronic fever in 2 to 3 days. May Allah give worldly and hereafter blessings in return of this continuous charity to hazrut hakeem sahib برکاتہم دامت

(Abdul hameed , Swabi)
I read about two priceless treasures in monthly Ubqari a lot of times. I asked my colleague in Wapda and he brought it for me. There is durood in it. once I went to havelian on the death of an acquaintance,  I recited the durood which you have written in two priceless treasures all the way, and you said that it was complete in detail. I recited while going and returning with complete attention.
There is a teacher in my locality who is a Grade 17 officer in ptcl. I told him that this durood is correct. He said that it is not so complete. I became unsure in my heart. After that my whole week passed very bad, in relation to prayers and worship. Then you said in the durs that whatever I have gained is because of faith in my spiritual guide, then you gave an example that only when my murshid got annoyed with me did I realize the difference between murshid’s annoyance and kind attention. Then you cited an example that a disciple of my murshid used to rent out bicycles. A man took the bicycle; he found it after 10 months. He recited the wazifa given by murshid for 10 months but his faith amplified every time. This strengthened me and my faith. You frequently say that whatever is mine, is yours, and whatever is yours is for the whole universe. Acting upon it, daughter of a teacher who used to teach me was sick. She had typhoid, was treated in CMH hospital but could not be cured. I used to tell him again and again to recite azaan 7 times  and last 4 ayaat of surah mominoon 7 times and then braise over both ears of the patient every 15 minutes. He did not agree but I kept on insisting. When there was no relief ,one day I asked him to do this umul. He did this act of azaan and surah mominoon on my insistence. I asked him after a few days, he said there is quite a relief in fever. He asked me to take him along on durs. He attended the sermon with me the very next Thursday, and was very happy.

An excellent prescription for relief from backache.
( S.A)
Nature has given effective properties to fenugreek seeds. Every second person complains of backache nowadays. One gets tired of eating allopathic medicines but backache is not relieved. The healing property given in natural things by Allah is beneficial, cheap and without side effects. Now I shall tell you that prescription which is;
Method to prepare the prescription
Fry fenugreek seeds and aniseed on a chapatti cooking hot plate. Take fenugreek seeds one fourth the amount of wheat. Add aniseed to taste. Crush well after frying these three. Now take ghee as required, add a small amount of water and prepare thick syrup. Take it off the stove. Now make small balls of it. Eat 2 to 3 balls in the morning fasting (space for urdu text nihaar munh). They are delicious. Children also eat it with fervor. They are warm in nature therefore eat it in winters only. InshAllah you shall be relieved of backache  after using it for some time.

when hair start falling, boil leaves of Indian jojoba ( space for urdu text beri) along fenugreek seeds and then strain it. now wash hair with this water. Hairfall shall reduce.

Treatment of paralytic
God forbid if someone suffers from paralysis, massage with olive oil over the paralysed area. inshAllah it shall be treated. If something is stuck under the nail; if something is stuck under anyone’s nail and pus I formed in the finger, it is very painful. For its treatment, warm garlic on a chapatti cooking hot plate and place it under the nail. Pus shall drain out by itself the next day.

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