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Destroyed someone’s home and my generations destroyed

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslam o Alikum! Few time ago I saw Ubqari magazine, I found it very helpful and found remedy of grieves of many people. I also have big problem and I am gathered in different troubles. I think all this to me is as I did. Incident is: 30 years back my brother got married, both of sides were very happy but mental condition of my brother was not perfect, I am elder then my brother, I arranged this marriage but I didn’t tell bride and her parents about mental condition of my  brother. I knew that my sister in law’s life will be ruined but I didn’t tell anyone and celebrated his wedding.

After few days of marriage they came to knew about the reality, my sister in law and her parents got shocked. Two years passed in these grievances, two children were born, my brother’s health started getting worse, and whole life condition remain worse. Got treated but all in vein. Sister in law cried whole life; I think I am responsible for all this. I wasn’t able to say sorry to her properly, when she was going on HAJJ both of us said sorry to each other. In her last moments I thought of saying sorry to her but she was so ill that I didn’t gathered courage to say sorry to her. Four years back sister in law miserable life ended, I got shocked. What to do now? I offer Nafal, Namaz and tasbeeh for her. I do charity for her, and give my all good deeds to her but I do not get satisfied and keep on crying. I destroyed her life for happiness of my brother.

Now everything is returning to me as I did, condition of my children is not good. My elder daughter was happy in her house, her husband was pious, offered Namaz regularly and also recited Quran regularly. He made his children remember Quran by heart. Suddenly he got ill, he had fits, he became mental patient, his health became same as of my brother. It’s been seven years he has left his home and no one knows where he is. I asked a saint and he said my son in low is ok. INSHA ALLAH he will return. From six years my daughter is wandering here and there, she was very pious and religious, she used to wear veil,  she used to study Tafseer of Quran from school. But ever since her husband is lost she has lost her mind, now every time she is without veil. She don’t even have dupata on her head when she go to market. She is doing job in multi-national, she is very frank with men over there, she do not have any kind of shame. Her children were remembering Quran by heart but their uncle got them admitted in school and now they are in college, they have forgotten Quran, my daughter do not have time to look after them. Her daughter is now sixteen and giving exams of Metric, she also move around without veil in fashion, since four five years she has sever eczema on her body, she is being treated but diseases keeps on increasing and decreasing… she feels itching, heat and is not able to sleep at night. I feel my sister in law’s pain. I get fits of depression, what to do? Where do I go? It is true if you destroy someone’s daughter home, same thing happens with your daughter. May be it is known as you sow so shall you reap.

I have one son who is very pious, well educated, married and got children, takes care of us. He is Namazi since childhood and offer his prayers in mosque. But since he has grown up he does not go to mosque. I request him a lot but he became stubborn and making his loos since years. He used to fast in Ramada but no Taraweh and no Quran. Children recite Quran and goes to Mosque but he doesn’t. when he was studying in college I gave him water on which I recited Sura Yaseen forty times. People say some time powerful spiritual things also harm. After that he remained in depression for few days after that he became normal, but now I read wazefe day and night but no effect on him.

Condition of my younger daughter is ok but…!!! Her husband left job from a company and started job in a bank, I am upset that Haram is coming in their home. I don’t know how to refrain him from Haram so I pray for him that he find some other job. I have written everything to you. Please help me, what do I do…??? What should I read…? How that sin will be forgiven? How I and my children will get on to right path? Respected Hakeem Sahib! Please do not publish my name.

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