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Friends of ALLAH

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

Who are neighbors of Allah?

Hazrat Abu Saeed Khadree رضی اللہ عنہا, narrated that on the day of judgment ALLAH will say that where are my neighbors? Angels will reply that O ALLAH! Who are those who are able of being your neighbors then ALLAH will say where are those who recited Quran most and where are those populated Mosques. Subhan ALLAH! My friends if you want to be neighbor of ALLAH then make these two things parts of your life.

Who are friends of ALLAH:

Hazrat Ans رضی اللہ عنہا, narrated that on the day of judgment ALLAH will say bring my loved ones near to me and Angels will say O ALLAH! Who are your loved ones ALLAH will reply poor people of Muslims, Angels will bring those people near to ALLAH and HE will say listen! I didn’t took away bounties of world from you because you were vermin (ذلیل) , due to this I thought of increasing my bounties upon you on this day. Today you ask anything from me so poor will be send to heaven 40 years before and in another saying 500 years before. (reference Al Ahadis Ul Qudsia, Jild 1, P 93.94)

Special friends of Iblees:

Hazrat Ibne Abass رضی اللہ عنہا , narrated that  Prophet  ﷺ­ one day asked Ibless that how many people from my Ummah are your friends. He accursed said that there are 10 people. 1.  Cruel king. 2. One with pride. 3. That rich who do not care that from where he earn and where he spend. 4. That scholar who agrees with king even knowing his cruelty. 5. That trader who is not fair. 6. That person who stocks illegally. 7. One who commits adultery 8. One who takes interest (سود) 9. Miser who do not care from where he collects. 10. Habitual of  liquor. Every reader must think that is  he friend of Shetan.

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