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Son recited Bismillah; father got forgiveness in grave

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

(Afreen Shahid, Qandeel Shahid, Dera Ghazi Khan)


Respected Hakeem Sahab, Assalamoalikum! All of our family read Ubqari, in a few month old edition of Ubqari, I saw some golden sayings sent to Ubqari by me which gave me encouragement for writing more things for Ubqari and now I am sending a story for this precious magazine. Effectiveness of Bismillah: King of Rome, Qaiser wrote a letter to Hazrat Umar (R.A) saying that he was suffering from constant headache and sought for its treatment. Hazrat Umar (R.A) sent a cap to him and ask him to put it on head whenever feel pain. So whenever the king put the cap on his head, the headache goes away and when he removes it, the headache comes again. He was surprised and when he inquired, he found that there was a paper inside the cap in which there was Bismillah بِسْمِ اللہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْمِ written on it. This thing touched his heart and he thought that this religion is so respectable. A single verse is giving me relief from my illness and how effective the whole religion would be?, so, he embraced Islam.


Once Hazrat Issa (A.S) was passing by a grave and he saw that the deceased was being cursed. After sometime, when he again passed by that grave, he saw angels in the grave and instead of darkness of curse, there was light of forgiveness in the grave.


He become confused and prayed Allah almighty to resolve this confusion and Allah sent him revelation that this person was sinful and was being cursed due to his sins, when his son got admission in an institution and his teacher on the first day taught him Bismillah than I forgive him as he was being cursed under the earth and his son was taking my name Rehman and Raheem on the earth.


Forgiveness through small deeds:

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Assalamoalikum! I am very thankful to Ubqari, as it published some narrations sent by me. I am sending another writing for children’s page.


l  Start your day with good deeds that result in blessings for you.

l  Do good deeds and avoid bad ones.

l  Hold the hand of a blind person and help him reaching his destination, crossing road.

l  Go to the cementries of your parents on every Friday.

l  Meeting every one with good attitude helps decreasing sins.

l  Stop from any sin after making strong decision to perform that sin.

l  Keep following forgiveness even in severe anger.

l  Meeting Muslin brothers, also brings forgiveness of sins.

l  Sleep in ablution.

l  Guilty on sins or feel bad after doing any sin.

l  Give food to someone.

l  Be kind to the animals.

l  After eating or wearing any dress, praise Allah almighty.

l  Be polite while purchasing or selling any thing.

l  Be first in making friendship with you anger brother.

l  Arrange gatherings of Zikr only for the sake of Allah.

l  One gets forgiveness of his sins while seeking knowledge.

l  Whoever will forgive others, Allah will forgive him.

l  Offering water to others is also a source for getting forgiveness.

l  Respect the Muslims who come to meet you.

l  Try to meet the needs of people.

l  Make a Momin happy.

l  Making negotiations between the parties.

l  Arrange the funeral of the deceased.

l  Feeling guilt after sin washes away its curse.

l  Walking behind the funeral.

l  Give donations for mosques and arrange water for people.

l  Enquire for health of patients

l  Leave the fight and bad habits

l  Remove any thorn of other painful things from the way of any Muslim.

l  Shiver and get afraid from Allah

l  Be old in Islam.

l Attend the gatherings of Zikr.

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