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Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

Muhammad Abdul Basit Chishti

Very few people may be aware of the fact that a fever which is related to septicity, blood temperature and Cholellthiasis is subsided with lemon. Elimination of Cholellthiasis produced by the winds in rainy season is only a small wonder of lemon. Furthermore its use refreshes and energizes a person. 

Rainy weather is normally presumed as ‘dirty’ since despite being evidently pleasurable, it consists of some characteristics which are very dangerous for human health. In Pakistan, rain and its effects last from August till September. During this weather human organs develop an unusual acceptability for depletion of immunity. In this weather where atypical changes occur in human’s diet effectiveness and digestive system, humid characteristics in climate increases, every person is affected with loss of immunity. Particularly in our country this season is responsible for numerous predicament and problems as the water due to frequent and continuous heavy rainfall remains accumulated in shallow areas for days and weeks, which is a cause of great harm for public health. Due to non availability of an effective and worthwhile drainage system, this accumulated rain water is a source of several diseases.

During the month of September, attack by mosquitoes utilizes its dreadful effects on human health. In September the climatic change acquires more suspicious shape. Till mid Spetember and at time till end of the month, the peculiar seasonal gift of the month of August i.e Malaria fever continues. In September the humid air present inside and above the earth gives rise to minor ailments like boils and sores, indigestion (which also include minor deficiency in the digestive system and some weakness of stomach), drowsiness, imbalance of abdominal organs, invisible fatigue of body parts, gaseousness, weakness of nerves, mixing of the four main body fluids and indication of increase in phlegm. Under such circumstances, till the time an expert and qualified physician is consulted, condition and indications of these ailments remain mysterious and non-understandable.

Fever, Malaria, boils, sores, indigestion, vomit, loose motion, and cholera are the production of such climate. Thus common public which is habitual of dietary imbalance and carelessness, gets effected with one of such ailment or disease. Biggest cause of this is that during such climate, almost everything become moist and extra ordinary humid atmosphere gives rise to various germs which produces a number of epidemics. However, to counter the effects of these climatic changes and diseases, nature has given us few blessings, which, if utilized properly can keep us safe from the dangers of this weather. Who is not familiar with the taste of lemon, onion and vinegar? Readers will be delighted to know that these apparently common things which are part of our daily meals are more important than expensive medicines for this weather. These three natural medicines keeps one safe from the harms of rainy season.

Very few people may be aware of the fact that a fever which is related to septicity, blood temperature and Cholellthiasis is subsided with lemon. Elimination of Cholellthiasis produced by the winds in rainy season is only a small wonder of lemon. Furthermore its use refreshes and energizes a person and strengthens liver and stomach. Similarly use of onion and vinegar does not only enables liver, stomach and spleen to resist against epidemics and climatic effects, but is also an effective remedy for digestion of food and increase in diet.  No matter how harmful fluids develop in body due to seasonal effects, vinegar and onion completely eliminates them. Excessive use of modern medicines used against Malaria can prove harmful instead of any benefit as they also cause certain other problems in the body as well. It is thus better to use Maghaz Karanjoh (marrow of Caesalpinia Coriaria). Make a fine powder from 20 grams of Maghaz Karanjoh and 10 grams of black pepper. By taking 200 to 400 milligram with water twice in the morning and afternoon, fever and Malaria are cured without any difficulty. As per medicinal research, use of Karanjoh has also proved effective for eyesight.

During September the best remedy for ailments is adopting an effective  diet plan and prevention. Any eatable which is substandard, particularly over ripe or stale fruits should not be taken at all in this season. Before eating, food should be thoroughly inspected so that no harmful item reaches stomach due to carelessness and becomes a cause for its malfunction.  Furthermore, such things should also be avoided as far as possible which can cause indigestion. It is important to mention here that during rains, unusual changes occur in human body which people commonly do not realize. But it is a fact that in this season, the general nature of human and body system becomes almost ineffective in its characteristic to absorb any kind of excessiveness and unusual functions. For this reason, since centuries physicians continue to avoid from prescribing cathartic medicines to patients in this season. In short, not only the things which produces heaviness be avoided but use of vinegar, lemon and onion should also be made part of daily diet to remain safe from seasonal diseases and epidemics.

Child, honey and health precautions:

As a precautionary health measure, give a little pure honey to children to lick two to four times a day. Insha Allah your child will remain safe from all kinds of seasonal effects.

Some essential precautions:

During this month do not close the windows and door while sleeping (even if there is fan in the room) as there are several ailments can occur in this season due to rise in humidity rises. Avoid using sour things as there are great chances for being a cause for running nose, cold, fever and other chest infections. In this month, aggravation of cold begins therefore, in case of catching cold take immediate remedial measures.

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