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The Secret to Find Your Lord

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

A Sermon of Peace and Spirituality

Hazrat Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai Majzoobi Chightai

farzaana, Deewana and Mastaana!

My dear friends! Mastaana is such a disciple who is finaa fill sheikh. He does not see anything except his sheikh. And the quality of deewana is that he likes to obey. The one who is deewana obeys and the one who is a farzaana moves according to his own temperament. He moves according to his own wisdom. He does not progress spiritually. The deewaana returned home in the evening. The sheikh asked, what did you find? The deewana said, I found my Lord. The sheikh had signs of satisfaction on his face. And there were signs of satisfaction on the face of the disciple as well. The majzoob had not said that artificially. The real thing is that he said it with a lot of certainty and with a lot of confidence. I found my Lord. The murshid said, How did you find your Lord? He replied that through three things.

People were Oblivious and I became Aware.

Those three things are presented before you. When ever you go to a market or pass through a market like place you will find your Lord in these three things. The deewana majzoob said, "I saw that people are in oblivion in the market. I became aware. I found my Lord. Please pay attention on these three things. I saw that people are oblivious and I became aware. The meaning of awareness is to meet. I maintained my connection with Allah Almighty. The people are busy in busying and selling and are oblivious in the worldly market.

I Sold My Belongings

Then that deewana said. The people were selling things in the market. I sold my belongings. I had profit in what I was selling. And I found my Lord. The murshid said, How? The majzoob said, since when your eye fell upon me. Due to this I saw such people in the market who were in reality pigs and dogs. But I considered every human being superior to me. And I considered myself inferior to everyone. Then I prayed there to Allah in favor of everyone. That O Lord! They should also indulge in your remembrance. O Allah give them a chance to think about you as well. [SPACE FOR ARABIC TEXT] Quran says that, "Come! Let me tell you such a trade that will save you from a grievous torment." Our Lord says that my friendship is also a trade. So I prayed for all of them. I became wary of their worldly and otherworldly affairs and saw them with a keen eye. I did not see them an evil eye. And I had an emotion of well wishing for them in my heart and went from one corner of the bazar to them next. Then I returned home in the evening. And then I weighed my level of faith in the morning and in the evening. I compared my faith, and all praise be to Allah, I found my faith to be increased.

With True Desire The Desired is Achieved

People of Allah! The level of faith increases at a time when Lord comes in the heart. Today's trade has been very beneficial for me. I found my Lord. Today I found my Lord in the market. Irrespective of whether sheikh or murshid sends you in the market to find your Lord or in the mosque.. If the motivation of the mureed is true, he will find his lord in the bazaar. And if the motivation is not sincere, then he would not find the lord in the Kaabah either.

Saadat and Shaqaawat

Before the arrival of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) it so used to happen that if a pregnant woman used to enter the Kaabah, she would give birth to a child there. Such a child is called as a one who is born in Kaabah. Thus, a few people were born in Kaabah. But only to be born in the Kaabah is not a matter of great pride. It is important to obey the Lord and to acquaint Him. Hazrat Ali (RA) was also born in the Kaabah. Hazrat Ali (RA) obeyed the Lordm and his prophet (PBUH), and he became a friend of Allah and a friend of the friends of Allah. He became a wonderful chief of the aulia. He became the son-in-law of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). And he became the fourth caliph of the faithful. And one thing is very strange that he said. That the one who learnt to obey, he became successful. Our sheikh murshidi hajveri (RA) used to say that the one who learnt how to obey, he learnt how to get his prayers anwered by Allah.

The Cup of Faith

The third thing that he said that upon going to the market I discussed as if I gad been sent by the king and that there is a cup of milk in my hand that is full of milk. And there is a flower in it. And the slaves of the king are following me with whips in their hands. The order was that I had to go from one corner of the bazar to the other. But a single drop of milk should not spill. And that flower should also remain in the middle and should not go here and there. When the flower is placed in the middle and when the cup would be moved, it would move here and there. And if there is no movement in the cup then the flower would remain there. So I made my heart a cup. And I made my faith a flower. And I made the whip of the king as the torment of Allah. I went from one corner of the bazar to the next. I placed all my senses, my eyes, my ears, my body, my emotions, my heart, my mind and my desires, and my needs away. When I went to the last corner, I saw that my flower was in its place. And the cup full of milk was also in its place. When I reached the last corner even a single drop had not spilled from it. That is why when I came to you I said that I found my lord. (continued)

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