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State of the Heart

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

From the Pen of the Editor

 The eldest son was memorizing Quran and was studying. Then he abandoned education and went to the UK. He abandoned education there as well and started working. Whatever money he used to earn he would loose that in casinos. But every time a fire kindles in his heart that no matter he lost the gamble this time, but the next time I would definitely earn millions of pounds. But still he is poor and destitute. He does not have money to come back to Pakistan. So much so that he is spending illegal life over there. He has not gotten marry either. Neither does he have good days, nor a better grave, nor afterlife, nor death, nor Allah nor prophet (PBUH) and nor a better world. Nothing. He is under too much debt that he cannot sleep well at night. There are so many problems and troubles in the family that all of us become worried and say that we shall all commit suicide. It has been 20 years that we have not even seen a single day of happiness in our lives. My husband is quite educated. He spent the days and night of his life in Europe and the middle east. Now he is spending retired life. Nothing happens in our home a dispute erupts out of nowhere. One calamity does not come to an end and another befalls. There is no peace or tranquility in life. The children do not get married. Our generations have become barren. Every day sounds as if it is the last day of life. I was listening to what they were saying with concentration and attention. They were still talking. When they stopped to breath I asked a cutting question. How are your expenditures fulfilled? Where does the sustenance come from? So their whole story completed a single word and their thought train was stopped by a single sentence, all of their sorrows, agonies, problems and troubles were answered by a small question. What was that question? Wht was that wolf who was eating our goats of bliss and sheep of peace? What is that snake who is stinging us and putting us to a poisonous sleep? What is that scorpion who has bitten us and forced us to quiver? I repeated my question to this agonized family again. And the answer I got was that in reality they had deposited their wealth in a bank against a profitable interest. Their whole family consumes its profit. Then that woman started saying herself. This is this doubtful money which came in our house and this sustenance has ruined the peace and calm of our house. Readers! This woman asked a question herself and replied herself, is this right? 

What you consider right for yourself, consider it right for others as well because it is stated in a Hadith that such a person would die as a believer and stay away from hellfire.

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