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Beggar’s curse made suffer from strange disease

Ubqari Magazine - August 2014

(Mumtaz Abdul Hameed, Karachi)

My niece got ill suddenly. Doctors did so  many tests but were unable to diagnose. One day I met her and she said aunty please ask someone what happened to me? We did every kind of test but are unable to diagnose disease… I am very irritated. On demand of my niece I went to a woman who has knowledge given by ALLAH, she never takes any money. She told me that there came a beggar on door of your nice who was wearing green dress. She said something to him and he gave her curse. She has neither disease nor magic, she has curse of that beggar. I met my niece after so many days. I told her and she said it is true. I gave him 10 rupe note and suddenly my husband came and took back that note and sad bad words that there is no need to give this healthy man, he is perfectly all right. After listening all this that beggar move on but he was continuously saying something. Readers! So many people say that give money to someone needy. We give 2 or 5 rupee but we are worried. Insulting beggar is strictly forbidden. Begging is sin and we start calculating it. We do so many sins daily and we don’t know about it, now many people have started selling pens, towels, balloons and other such items. We have objection on it too… they disturb us, don’t buy 5 rupee item in 1. Don’t buy from them don’t give them money but atleast don’t comment bad to them, there are so many  beggars in our country because we hand over Zakat, Kherat, Sadqa to those people who never let it reach to needy people.

During era of Hazrat Umer Farooq  رضی اللہ عنہا people used to take Zakat, Kherat, Sadqa on their heads but there was no one to accept it. Even today if there come such system you will not find any beggar.  

Instant result of allegations: (Saleem Allah Sumro, Kundoyar)

A lady took Wazifa from me who was suffering from so many problems. Once wife of her brother in law lied and said bad things about her in front of her husband there just came a silet sigh of grief from her heart, she told her husband that all of this is lie, I gave her curse she will get punishment instantly. At same moment sister in law went to kitchen, there hot tea dropped on her feet and her feet got burned badly, that wound is getting worse day by day. Tried every kind of medicine but that wound is not recovering. May ALLAH save us from curse of innocent.

Curse of old man: (M, A. secret)

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslam o Alikum! Since 15 years I am in trubles, I have been in jail for 11 years and now it’s been 4 years I am released, joblessness is my destiny, my condition is so bad that I don’t have place to live and I am moving here and there. I was on duty with DIG, one old man came to meet DIG and said I my grandson has been killed, I told DIG about this man and he said this old man met me in RahimYarKhan I ordered SP there to solve his problem now I cannot meet that this old man, you ask him to go to SP RahimYarKhan I cannot meet him. I don’t have time. I said him and he replied that I will meet DIG. I told DIG that old man is saying that I will not go without meeting you. DIG harshly said me that don’t let him come inside, I said this to old man he moved my head near his heart, I heard voice of IL ALLAH from his heart then he said your DIG will no longer live in this world and you won’t be policeman anymore, after saying this he went. I told all this matter to DIG he got worried and said bring him in, but that old man was gone… after 3 days DIG was killed and I was behind the walls of jail. Since that day my troubles are not solved.

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