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Thirst, heat and weakness can go away immediately

Ubqari Magazine - June 2014

70% of human body is liquid and 30% solid---means that 70% blood, fat, flesh, intestines, liver, stomach, heart, tilli, all of these are liquid- Bones solid---the thing which is more, its diet requirement is also more, therefore, for liquid, diet is also liquid. Thus, human body needs more water. There is intensity of heat or not---body requires water all the time. Now the point is that, can a person fights the heat and treats it with water only, or needs something else too. Given below is a short but effective recipe to offset the intensity of heat, hot air, burning even if one is doing the labour work of breaking stones in the hot months of June and July and is roaming in a desert without covering the head, still would not feel the intensity of heat at all.

Howashafi: Put one tea spoon of Tukhm-e-Balangu, 3 spoons desi brown shakkar, in one liter of water. Whether you drink it in one go or with intervals, it is such a recipe which I have given to many patients myself and experiences of centuries of desert people tell us that avoiding sun stroke and intensity of heat was possible only because of this recipe. It is totally inexpensive, available everywhere and within reach of every person. One person who use to feel extremely uncomfortable from intensity of heat and thirst and was a patient of blood pressure also use to stay in a state of discomfort all the time and his temperament had become more sensitive by continuous use of air conditioners and who used many products to feel cool. Suddenly he came across me as I had a chance to go to his office, told me that I am sick and tired of using various products and requested for some effective product, I gave him this very recipe of Tukhm-e-Balangu also known as Tukhm-e-Malanga and Shakkar, just added that the more dark coloured shakkar will be the more beneficial it will be and the more whitish colour will indicate addition of chemicals. After some time the same person told me that what miraculous recipe you have given me. Now, I always keep tukhm-e-Balangu in a small pack and shakkar in big packs and send it as a gift to my friends. He said that owner of a big bank in Pakistan is my old friend and was suffering from the same problem, since I made him use this, he really benefitted. During this time holy month of Ramazan came and the person asked me that I had a desire to fast since a long time, should I fast this time ? I said yes, definitely keep fasts and keep 3 small spoons of tukhm-e-balangu and 3 big spoons of shakkar in water at night. In the morning drink it empty stomach sip by sip and then eat and drink whatever you wish. Do this for 3 days and then tell me. Trust me that he did so reluctantly the 1st day and after 3 days he informed me that in extreme heat and hot air I did not even felt that I am fasting and did not felt the heat and its intensity a bit.

A patient met me in a locality Parhar close to Kot Addu, there is the shine of Hazrat Maulana Abdul Aziz Parharvi. I was doing some recitation over there that I saw this person. State was such that he had put a lot of wet clothes upon him. As per my observations he was wearing 3 shirts one upon another and each shirt was totally wet with water which was dripping. Had a cotton turban on his head which was also wet and further he took a thick Khaddar sheet also which was also wet. I was astonished to see this appearance. When I saw this condition, I got sympathetic. He was around 50 years old and was a resident of a nearby jungle. I asked him why he was in such a condition ? He said I feel very hot, am sensitive to hot air, feel extremely thirsty and have tried all the drinks available for summer season but without any benefit. Now, I do not have any trust in any medicine and am allergic to the name of medicine. As a last resort I stay wet, do not sit in a closed room and feel comfortable with wet clothes when the wind blows. I introduced myself to him first, so that he gains some confidence in my medicine as he had become totally disillusioned. I took his address. At that time, cell phones were not commonly available, and he gave me a landline number of his neighbours. I asked him to use 3 spoons of tukhm-e-balangu and 5 spoons of shakkar added to water (use in the evening if added to water in the morning and vice versa) and for usage after few hours for atleast 40 days. Can increase or decrease the quantity of tukhm-e-balangu and shakkar as per desire. He called from his neighbour’s telephone after probably 27 or 28 days. He was breathing heavily as he had come running and when I asked about his condition, he was praying more for me than stating his condition. He said that only after 8 days I stopped wearing all the thick clothes. Now, I only wear one shirt and normal dress. I have stopped putting water on my clothes and I am continuously using this recipe. Another special thing which he told me was that he had old typhoid temperature and use to get typhoid attacks often and his body was suffering from it also. This condition was also cured. The fact is, readers! This formula has been tried out by a lot people suffering from old typhoid temperature or those who get typhoid temperature attack in a year or 2-3 times in a year. These are the people who are sick and tired of various colourful tablets and whose doctors are also tired by giving them drips. When these people were made to use tukhm-e-balangu drink, they benefitted a lot and results were fruitful. Such patients who had permanent constipation, problem in intestines, dryness of intestines and old ulcers, rather I met a patient who used only milk as nothing else suited him in this world. I recommended balangu syrup to him and he became so healthy that it was amazing that where did the ulcer go, where did go the acidity, gas and constipation ? Whether it is the intensity of thirst or hot weather or one is fasting in the peak of heat, staying away from such effective drink is astonishing---!

Even if there are no fasts and it is season of hot weather and you go to office or college or your kids go to school, you must keep this drink with yourself. 

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