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Getting rid of termites, after some experience

Ubqari Magazine - June 2014


Readers have sent us some of their experiences about getting rid of termites and we will publish them monthly in Ubqari.

Honourable hakim sahib Assalam o Alaikum,

As per your request about experienced tips related to getting rid of termites I have sent in the following information.

1.Termites live in colonies like that of ants and their colonies go to a depth of 9 foot approx., they can travel a distance of 100 metres from their colonies in search of food.in areas where termites are more commonly found, the solution can be to plough the earth to a greater depth using a tractor. This will destroy the paths of termites on ground and the rebuilding of these paths will take some time.

2. Also in areas containing termites, hammer the wooden pieces, like nails, of the tree known as SAFAIDA with a separation of 10 feet between adjacent pieces. Any other wood can also be used that is a favourite of termites this piece is to be hammered to a depth of 1 foot. After every 15 days take the wooden piece out and in a container of water, using another wooden piece, transfer the termites into the water container. Replace the wooden piece back again and this would reduce termites after doing it continuously.

3. The night after the first rain of June July place a light at night in the area containing termites along with large tubs of water. In this night the young termites that come out to mate gather around the light and fall into the water tub. This helps restrain the population growth of termites.

4. To prevent a specific area place a strong smelling chemical in that place which will prevent termites from coming. An example of a chemical can be that of ‘haing fiqileen’ etc.

Abdul Mateen, laki marwat.

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