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Psychological benefits of fasting and Modern Science

Ubqari Magazine - June 2014

If a heart of a person who fasts appeals towards virtue in the month of ramzan. Then this condition will of end up after it as well. But it interpenetrates in the blood of that person by which fervently will appear. This is the internal trust. Which is derived from inside.

The person who prays in front of his Lord with humbleness and he whispers ALLAH   سبحانہ تعالی and he feels closeness to him and when he gets busy in worldly tasks then the spiritual feeling flies away then he is really in needs of direct affiliation with his master and this appears his affiliation cannot be achieved for such short period of time. And it can be happened only in fasting for long period; if in salah short term spiritual granted then in fast, long term could be received. A person who is fasting is in ibadat continuously whether he is working or earning fulfilling commands and avoiding prohibitions Who ever can be normal man who right minded commits sins in condition of ibadat of course fast observer is being opposed from committing sins by inner force. He is being shifted from one world to another. If a fast observer is not aware of Godliness, what did he get by being hungry and thirsty?

Effect of Fast throughout the year:

This psychological effect does not vanish. When the holy month of ramzan comes to an end, because this is the month spiritual awakening and the effect lasts for long. When one start follow the long lasting spiritual way he enjoys the benefits of it even after the holy month. This month gives his spirit a new life. He enjoys offering prayers. He feels an infinite force inside himself. IT is not enough that people trust on you while you are facing inquietude! Is that external trust any of your use?? In fact internal trust will help you to fulfill your responsibilities courageously. Strong believes is the key of this trust. IF a Muslim is a keen observant of these religious teachings his external trust becomes enhanced. And then helps him to enrich his eemaan (belief). Experience tells that the effect of a fast never vanishes throughout the year. If the observant is motivated for good deeds he will continue doing the same. This enthusiasm is basically the internal trust, of which latency is the backbone. As far as the physical benefits of a fast are concerned, the only thing which is written that the observer has joined the Muslim tribe! My focus today is only the psychological benefits.

Fast – In Ancient times:

Encyclopedia of Britannica says that fast is obligation in most of the religions. In ancient time people of Egypt used to practice fasting three days in every month. Popular philosopher Socrates whose period of existence is 470 B.C. If he wanted to think or ponder on any serious issues so he used to fast for ten days. And he is on the top lists of those persons who wrote illustration benefits of fasting which are fruitful arguments. On that basis he always recommended his patients fasting. And commented that inside everyone there is a doctor and it is necessary that he should take aid of him. And let him perform his duty.

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