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Wonders of Auspicious pouch and Surah Kauser

Ubqari Magazine - June 2014

I prayed to Allah to put this in Imam Sahib’s heart that he recites Surah Rahman in the prayer.

“Many thanks to Allah that He accepted our prayers.”

Respected Hakim Sahib, As Salam Alaikum!

May Allah protect you and increase your knowledge and practicality. Your magazine has put all of us to perform practices (wazaif). I read the practice of Surah Kauser from Ubqari magazine and started practicing it, I also told this practice to many people. My son also had me stitched a pouch for him and started this practice but sometimes he did it and sometimes forgot to do. I and my husband did it regularly. Shortly after starting this practice, I could not find my diary. While I was looking for it, I found a new diary; it was just like my lost diary. When I opened it thinking that it was mine, there were some Riyals in it, on counting out they were four thousand Riyals. Four months before this incident, my husband told me that perhaps he put some money somewhere and forgot. When I found those Riyals, I thought that it was the same money. The moment I realized this, I put that money in my husband’s Auspicious pouch and did not tell anything to anybody. Due to the blessings of the practice of Auspicious pouch, all of our family members had almost stopped watching T.V. My eldest son was very fond of music and watching movies and my husband also used to switch on the T.V. upon getting back home to watch news. One day I got all of them together including my husband, son and two daughters and put the Auspicious pouches in front of them. Then I said, “We would open only one pouch. If there would be more amount in it, all of us would abandon music as a gratitude to Allah. If you agree with me, only then we would open the pouch.”  Considering my firm belief they all said that we should open the pouch and count….and when we opened it!!! My elder son who did not sleep without hands free, thanks to Allah that he does not even go close to music anymore and avoids being in a place with music. (S. Gujrat)

A pleasing incident of the acceptance of prayer

A pious old lady of our area went to perform Umrah with her young son. After performing the Umrah at Bait-Ullah, her son asked her to move back to their residence. Mother said, “I have to go inside the Kaaba as I have heard from the scholars that whatever you pray at first glance is accepted.

And I prayed at my first glance on Kaaba that, O Allah! Grant me the privilege to go inside the Bait-Ullah.” Subhan Allah! Suddenly the door of Kaaba was opened; the ladder was set as the head of a Muslim country along with his family reached there. The old lady fell down due to the crowd. A woman from the guests’ family grabbed her hand to get her up. The old lady said, “I want to go inside.” The lady replied, “With pleasure!” So the old lady entered Kaaba before the guest family! (Maryam Ayub, Islamabad)

Must pray but with yearning and desire:

A family from the province of Punjab went to perform Umrah. After performing Umrah, they went to Medina Munawara. One day the sister wrote a chit and gave it her brother to request the Imam Sahib of Masjid-e-Nabvi to recite Surah Rahman in the Fajar prayer. Her brother could not do this due to the crowds. The next day she gave the same chit to her father instead of her brother. See the magnificence of Allah! The Imam of Masjid-e-Nabvi recited surah Rahman in Fajar prayer. After the prayer, the daughter thanked her father that he took her seriously and her request was fulfilled. Her father told, “Even I could not succeed to convey the message to Imam Sahib but I prayed to Allah to put this in Imam Sahib’s heart that he recites Surah Rahman in the prayer. So many thanks to Allah that He accepted our prayers.” There is no such prayer which does not affect but we must know how to ask Him.

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