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Ubqari Magazine - June 2014

Doctor Hania, Lahore

If a person suffers from fits due to epilepsy and remains worried, then reciting and blowing of Ayat al Kursi (while ablution is observed) over him will Insha Allah cure him from the ailment of epilepsy. This practice is to be done continuously for three days.

Freedom from captivity of cruel people     

If a person is trapped amongst cruel people or when they surround him or capture him and getting rid from them is becoming difficult, then with a nail write the letter ط (taa) without ink just once. Recite the same letter, ط (taa) 9 times in a single breath and leave that place. Insha Allah none of the enemies would be able to stop and they will be failed.

For cure of epilepsy If a person suffers from fits due to epilepsy and remains worried, then reciting and blowing of Ayat al Kursi (while ablution is observed) over him will Insha Allah cure him from the ailment of epilepsy. This practice is to be done continuously for three days.

Getting rid from ghost or Jinn        

For getting rid from ghost or Jin, first pay the Zakaat of Surah e Quresh. Method for the same is that on Thursday after Isha prayers, while observing ablution, recite Surah e Quresh 3125 times. This practice is to be done for 40 days without break. During this carry out “Tark-e-Haiwanaat and Parhaiz-e-Jalali” (Abstention from various things). On the 40th day, distribute sweet amongst innocent children and donate its reward to the ancestors by praying that ‘O Allah! Reward of the sweet which I have given to these children may please be directed to the Holy Prophet ﷺ­ and through the Holy Prophet ﷺ­ to the all pious religious people. Upon completion of this practice, recite Surah e Quresh 21 times daily. If it is missed any day, it may be recited 42 times the next day. If missed on the second day as well, then recite it 63 times on the third day. If missed for three continuous days, this Chilla (practice) will break. The Chilla is to be done again then.

Tark-e-Haiwanaat and Jalali are: Abstain from eating onion, garlic, all types of meat, egg, fish, radish, carrot, Masoor and Maash lentils, milk, yogurt, raw sweets, fried items, oil, kheer from strangers, milk during pregnancy. Should not wear leather sandals nor use items like water container, gloves, socks, prayer muslla and clothes; all made from leather. All these things are to be abstained from for 40 days. If the abstention is broken, then the practice will end. After chilla there is no more restrictions and one can eat and drink anything.

After performing the Chilla of Surah e Quresh, following benefits will accrue:

1.         If the Aamil (practitioner) will send his Salam to a demoniac, the ghost will immediately run away.

2.         If the Aamil recites Surah e Quresh 7 times while observing ablution, then blow it over perfume or a flower, and make it to be smelt by the patient, the demon will immediately appear.

3.         If the Aamil desires that the demon remain captivated in the body of the effectee, then he should make three amulets from blue thread. Each amulet should comprise of seven threads. The thread should be of cotton fiber. Tie seven knots in each of these amulets. On the first amulet which is to be tied around the neck of the patient, the middle three knots should be of half hitch type having a noose. Recite Surah-e-Quresh eleven times and blow on each of the three knots. On the remaining four knots, recite Surah-e-Quresh seven times and blow on each knot. Prepare two more amulets in the same manner and tie them on the left and right arms of the patient. Till the time these amulets are untied, the demon will not be able to run away.

4.         If the Aamil will recite Surah e Quresh 7 times while observing ablution, blow it over water and splash this water over the face of the patient (demoniac), the demon will should and make noises and will burn like fire.

5.         If the demon disturbs during conversation, then recite Surah e Quresh 101 times and blow over perfume or a flower and let the patient smell it. Insha Allah the demon or Jinn will become wretched and seek evasion and run away.

6.         If the Aamil recites Surah e Quresh 11 times while observing ablution, blow it over a glass of water and give it to the patient to drink, Insha Allah the patient will get cured from all ailments.

Producing spiritual revolution in a person             If a person is always involved in sins, his heart is not attracted towards prayers, fasting and good deeds. He remains worried that somehow a spiritual change should occur in myself and that I should lead a pious and truthful life and get rid of sins forever.  This is a very effective practice for him. By doing this Amal, the world of your heart will change and a spiritual revolution will take place. The heart will will always remain inclined towards good deeds. The Amal is:

Every day after Isha prayers, recite Durood Shareef 100 times followed by ‘Allah ho – Allah ho’ 1000 times. Thereafter complete a Tasbeeh of Durood Shareef and later after Fajr prayers recite (Space for Arabic Text) 360 times. By the blessings of this Amal, Insha Allah the heart will itself get attracted towards good deeds and there will be abundance of provisions. There will be great blessing at home and in income. If this Amal is done continuously, it will always keep you benefited.

Removing the restriction of fire       At times confectioners, bakers and people selling fried items face restriction of fire. Due to this the sweets and milk of a confectioner remain under cooked and does not prepare well. Similarly, an oven of a bread maker is also restricted which results in falling of bread in the oven or are taken out undercooked and at times they are burnt. Similarly, pakoras (an eastern fried item made of gram flour) of the person selling them are found under cooked or does not cook well. Even when there is appropriate fire in the stove, the food does not get prepared completely. Some people out of their jealousy and enviousness restricts the fire through black magic and evil practices thus the power of fire to cook is taken away. For this, following Ayah is very effective. By this Amal, the restriction on fire will Insha Allah be eliminated and the fire will work properly.


بِسْمِ اللہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْمُ۔ اِنَّھُمْ یَکِیْدُوْنَ کَیْدًا

وَّاَکِیْدُ کَیْدًا  

فَمَھِّلِ الْکٰفِرِیْنَ اَمْھِلْھُمْ رُوَیْدًا


Recite this Ayah 101 times twice every day in the morning and evening, with Durood Shareef 11 times each before and at the end. This Amal should be done for 40 days.

For Bleeding and Gaseous Hemorrhoids

Take equal quantities of Tara Mira (Eruca Sativa), Dried Raswant, camphor and Sanamki (Senna). Make a fine powder of these and fill it in capsules. Take one capsule each in the morning, noon and night with fresh water. This is a very effective and experienced formula.

Chronic cold and constipation: Cinnamon, clove and mace 12 grams each and  aloe 45 grams. Grind and clarify each item separately and then make small tablets equal to the size of a grain of lentil. Take a tablet each in the morning, noon and night with fresh water.

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