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Special Address of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) With Women

Ubqari Magazine - June 2014

Abu Laheeb Shaazli

Upon listening to your (PBUH) answer hazrat Asmaa (RA) went back. She (RA) was extremely happy with the sayings of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Thus, you (RA) went back and informed rest of the women about your (PBUH) reply and made them happy too.

Hazrat Asmaa (RA) whose full name was Asmaa dukhtar Yazeed Ansaariya az ban Ashhal. She was that woman who represented the woman in front of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) on behalf of women and asked a question like this that the companions of hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) were left astonished. The incident is somewhat like this that after the migration from Makkah Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) stayed in Medina for sometime. Then among the people of Medina (Aos and Khazraj) who could not participate the bait-e-Aqba, they came to you in large groups and started seeking the opportunity of seeing you and doing bait. In the mean time when you (PBUH) were encircled by the companions, then only hazrat Asmaa (RA) appeared before you and described her account with a lot of courage and confidence. The person for whom she had appeared she said, "O rasool Allah (PBUH), may my parents be sacrificed upon you. I have come to you on behalf of women. Allah almighty has made you a prophet and sent you to every pair of man and woman. We have acknowledged you as a prophet but, we are women who are locked inside our homes and cannot reach your gathering. We reside in the houses of men. We fulfill your desires. And we carry your offspring. This is our state. Whereas men have superiority over us, they sit together. They have huge gatherings. They look after the patients. They participate in funerals. They go for pilgrimages and after pilgrimage they participate in jehad. And when they go for jehad after hajj we take care of their property and wealth. We prepare their dresses. We nourish their offspring. Would we be able to be partners in the rewards they get?"

When Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) listened to such an effective and logical, then instead of giving any reply you (PBUH) turned your face towards your companions (RA) and said to them, "Have you ever heard any woman say such wonderful words about religion, such as this woman has said?" The companions (RA) said, "O prophet of Allah! We had never even thought that a woman could seek such level of guidance regarding religion." After that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) gave an extremely comprehensive reply in order to satisfy that woman, "O woman, liten to what I say carefully. And tell about this to the women who follow you that it is extremely important for a woman to seek her husband's pleasure. If a woman fulfills the duties as a wife and aids and helps her husband obediently then she would acquire rewards equivalent to a man."

Upon listening to your (PBUH) answer hazrat Asmaa (RA) went back. She (RA) was extremely happy with the sayings of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Thus, you (RA) went back and informed rest of the women about your (PBUH) reply and made them happy too. It is written in masnad-e-Ahmad bin Hanbal (RA) that at the time hazrat Asmaa (RA)'s maternal aunt also went to hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). She was wearing bangles of gold and rings on her hands. (According to one tradition, hazrat Asthma (RA) was herself wearing these ornaments and upon listening to the sayings of hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) she at once took off all the ornaments). When hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) saw them he asked, how much zakaat do you pay for these things? She said, no. hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Do you like that on the day of judgement Allah almighty might adorn you with ornaments of fire?" Upon listening to this she took off all the bangles. Then she said, "O rasool Allah! If we do not wear bangles we would become lower in the eyes of our husbands." Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Then get ornaments of silver and rub zaafraan on them so that the glitter of gold may be produced." After that hazrat Asmaa (RA) wished to make bait like the other women. She said, "O Rasool Allah! Please bring forward your hand." Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, "I do not shake hands with women. However, if you acknowledge the following things, bait would commence. 1. You will not kill your children. 2. You will not steal. 3. You would not consider anyone as God except Allah. 4. You would save yourself from adultery. 5. You would not cast a false aspersion on anyone. 6. You will not deny good deeds.

Along with hazrat Asmaa (RA) various other women acknowledged these things with the truth of heart and went back to their homes. More about hazrat Asmaa (RA) is that you were that companion who had accepted Islam even before migration. Hazrat Asmaa (RA) and all of her relatives had a lot of love and affection for hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). And for the true religion of God they used to be ever ready to sacrifice their life and property. The battle of Badr was held in 2 AH. And all of ban abul-Asshhal participated zealously in it. Among them were many near relatives of hazrat Asmaa (RA). The state was same even in the battle of Uhad. In this battle the paternal uncle of hazrat Asmaa hazrat Ziyyad (RA) and cousin hazrat Ammara (RA) bin Ziyyad sacrificed their lives for hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) so gloriously that all of the companions used to envy him.

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