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Special and time-tested experiences of the readers

Ubqari Magazine - October 2014

Readers! Do not become miser. Had you tested any spiritual or physical remedy or tonic and observed benefits, do write to us. Or if you had come across any strange incident, do write to us. Pages of Ubqari are at your disposal. Do not consider your ordinary experience petty. It could be helpful for others and a lasting good deed for you. Write your random thoughts. We will make that presentable.

The most precious remedy of my clinic

(Mrs. Dr. Hafiz Mehmood)

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Asalam Alaikum. I have been reading monthly magazine of Ubqari since June 2006. It is replete with many good and useful things. It also has cheap but precious remedies that I have tested. I have found the tonic Johar e Shifa e Madina very useful. Respected Hakeem Sahib, I am writing a special tonic for Ubqari, I have found from the magazine of my grand-father-in-law. It is the most precious tonic of our clinic that has benefitted thousands of the people. It is hoped that it will prove beneficial for the people and we will be prayed for.

Ingredients: Sweet oil 250 grams, boric acid 3 Tola amd carbolic acid 60 drops.

Recipe: Heat sweet oil till the froth stops appearing on the surface. Then immediately add boric acid and churn for half an hour. Fill a bottle with that syrup. When it cools down, add some drops of carbolic acid in it. Use when required. God will cure.

Benefits of this oil

This oil cures the aching ear. This oil will miraculously cure the ears discharging stinking mucous about which doctors had recommended operation. Drop three lukewarm drops of this oil in your ear. I hope this medicine will not disappoint you. Insha Allah, you will observe benefit in the very first day.

It is very helpful for curing allergy. It cures even the diehard allergy which has not been cured by any other medicine, when applied thrice a day. Note: This oil is very potent for aching ear, ear having mucous and allergy.

Come, let us find secrets of health: Respected Hakeem Sahib, my father-in-law used to secrete saliva from mouth. He had been having this problem for ten years. The secretion was even so intense that his pillow and arm woul get drenched in night while he was asleep. My father-in-law used to eat Paan with quite fervour in his youth. It has been now twenty years that he has stopped eating Paan. Whenever a doctor or Hakeem was consulted, medicine for the treatment of stomach and mouth were prescribed. For this Johar e Shifa e Madina was brought from Ubqari office. My father-in-law used that for six months. And another remedy that I found in the issue of Januray 2010 on page number 10 also helped curing the ailment of my father-in-law. The title of that writing was “come, let us find the secrets of good health.” The ingredients of the tonic are 10 grams of potash alum, 100 grams of Kabab Cheeni. Grind these two to make a powder. Taking one fourth tea-spoon of this powder six times a day with diluted milk or water would cure the ailment. This remedy was used for three months and the problem was cured.

Mother – A great presonality indeed


Mother is such a blessing that it outweighs the wealth and designations of this mortal world. Presidency of the state is the ultimacy of progress and prime-ministership, ownership of land and factories signies the ultimacy of good-luck. But in fact, presidency, prime-ministership, factories, land can never be the alternative of affection and kind prayers of mother. It is not necessary that mother be praised only if she hails from a noble family, or if she is highly educated and cognizant with the latest trends of the world or if she has refined manners and stands on higher pedastal scio-economically. No. mother is a mother. She does not need qualifications. Fragrance and beauty of rose do not recede even if it is called by any other name and so is the mother. Mother is respectable if someone is a scholar or even a prophet. This is why when Holy Prophet Moses used to go to Mountain Toor, his mother would pray for him. Everyone is in need of mother’s prayers. If seen with eyes blessed with faculty to see-through, clothes of the mother smeared in dust when plastering floor with mud appear more clean and elegant than any royal dress. Hands of the mother making dung-cakes are suffice for getting the destiny changed. Mother looks like an angel whenever she is soothing her child with lullaby. If mother is making chaptis, kings appear to be begging a loaf. If mother raises hands for prayers, Almighty God of all worlds asnwers her prayers.

Flowers of Heaven wither whenever mother is sad. Whenever eyes of mother glisten with tears, eyes of the nature get blurred. God bestows mother with all the hapiness and peace whenever she asks for. When mother spreads her stained cloth on child, merciful God takes that child in His protection. Chair of presidency can never bless one with the respect that one enjoys by sitting in mother’s feet. Pleasure that one enjoys by carrying mother’s shoes cannot be enjoyed when taking oath for ministership. Being called by names like his eminenc, respectable, honourable, reverand has least pleasure when compared to be called by mother as “Oye Chootay”. There is more pleasure in asking mother for a rupee than being awarded with honorariums and medals. There is pleasure in being tapped by mother than receiving guard of honour. Sleep taken in mother’s lap cannot be compared with the sleep taken in a comfortable bed. There is no charm in philosophy of Aristotle and Plato which is in stories of illiiterate mother. Master piecec of literature are devoid of the sweetness that is in the lullaby of mother. Colours of rainbow have become an example but mother…

Translated by

Rana Junaid Mustafa Gohar


If someone is dismissed from his job by mistake or by force he should recite noun (space for Arabic text) 3125 times daily and he should be penitent. 


Selfless and unpredictable love is more alluring and attractive. Rose petal may be highly delicate; the pearl of mother’s love has it own pleasantness. A lotus flower is transparent but a mother’s mirror of heart is much clearer. Moon’s moonlight is cool but a mother’s cool shadow has no parallel. 


Narrative of a wazeefa


(Sana Fatima, Jahan aara)


Respected hakeem sahib Assalam o alaikum! I shall tell you a narrative about a wazeefa of mine which I practice daily with vigilance; which is quoted by hazrat jalal ud din sayyuti رحمت اللہ علیہ; whosoever recites following durood Shareef once, he shall be given reward equal to recitation of 6 lakh durood Shareef. One narrative also states that whosoever recites it 1000 times daily, he will be fortunate in both worlds. The durood Shareef is; ( space for Arabic text). After recitation of this duruud shreef 1000 times, I give its reward to Hazoor ﷺ­ and then grade by grade to all the disciples but my heart could not be satisfied, therefore my lord guided me to a way, that is, I say that oh Allah! The durood Shareef I have recited, I present it in the court of the holy prophet ﷺ­ on behalf of all the holy prophets, and the pious qutub, ubdaal and martyrs among their disciples, Hazoor’s  ﷺ­ respected wives, Hazoor’s ﷺ­ companions, Hazoor ﷺ­family which includes not only his family but also all qutub, udbdaal and martyrs who have died, all saints, Huzrut hakeem sahib, his Huzrut jee, my parents, all disciples of Hazoor ﷺ­ whether genie, humans or other creatures, alive or dead with the same intention as he recited.


Not only this, but I beg to Allah that whatever blessings you have created in the universe, durood be bestowed on Hazoor ﷺ­ before your creation benefits from it, like  before the eye blinks and sees, before the heart beats, before the lips move, before the tongue moves, rather, before eating, in fact, before every organ or constituent of an organ and even much before that, durood be bestowed to prophet ﷺ­. Rather durood be sent to Hazoor  ﷺ­equivalent to what all the angels, humans and genie, and all the creatures praised, commemorated and recited, or gained knowledge or taught, the praise and compliments be upon Hazoor  ﷺ ­,his family and disciples. I pray that as many as the rain drops or snow flakes fell on the earth, as many as there are particles of dust and sand rather as much as all the treasures beneath the earth, all the blessings in the seas, environment, rather more than the beauty of paradise, elegance of the throne of Allah, peace be upon my prophet ﷺ­. Oh Allah whenever the stars and moon shine, whenever the sun rises, wherever the dawn is appears in skies, peace be upon my prophet before the light, sound or air completes its journey rather I pray that oh Allah you will give tongue to my organs on the day of judgment, might as well give tongue to all organs now such that they recite durood. May Allah prevent me from pretence!


Guaranteed prescription for laying off glasses
(Aamir nazeer, Jhung Sudur)
Respected hakeem sahib Assalam o alaikum! It is said that praising too much is a policy of flatterers, anyways I am always happy from the bottom of my heart at your goodness and qualities because in these calamitous times when practical Muslims are seen scantily, Allah Almighty has sent great and strong willed people like you to be torch bearer and messiah for the people who are weak and reproved by the world. Respected hakeem sahib! Today I am sending this prescription for laying off glasses through this letter. This prescription lays off spectacles. By the grace of Allah and Allah be willing I have experimented it myself on 5 patients, it never missed. Actually I found this prescription a long time ago through a retired air force doctor. Doctor tried it on many patients and found it to be very beneficial. Praise is only for Allah Almighty but the prescription is extraordinary. (space for Arabic text) one goat’s head, gram or gram’s flour 500 gram, brown sugar 250 gram, desi ghee pure 500gram, brown sugar 375 gram, four nut (space for urdu text) 50gram, pistachio 50gram, almond 50 gram, dried coconut (finely shredded) 50 gram.


Method of preparation


Take goat’s head and have it cut to pieces by a butcher keeping the brain aside. After cutting goat’s head properly wash it with water and add brain to it. Remember to wash head scarcely. Take water as required and add goat’s skull’s meat and brain to it and cook it on a very low flame and prepare its soup. Don’t add salt, pepper or any other spices. Cook it in water only till all the meet is dissolved to bits. After preparing soup, add gram flour to it and fry pastries in desi ghee. Being pure is a prerequisite for desi ghee. As soon as you take out pastries from the fryer, crush it to thick bits so that it takes the form of a powder. They may be big bits but in the form of powder. The pastries will be very difficult to crush if they get cold, therefore crush the as soon as you take them out of the fryer. When all the pastries are cooked and crushed finely, prepare syrup of brown sugar (prepare syrup beforehand so that you mix the powder in syrup as soon as prepared). Add the bits of pastry powder to the syrup so that all the powder is mixed then after placing it on low flame add the ghee in which the pastries were cooked, similarly add almonds and desiccated coconut powder, then add pistachio powder and in end add four nuts without crushing. If four nuts are crushed they will become bitter (quantity of almonds and pistachio can be increased as desired)


Prescription method:
1 spoon one hour after dinner or one hour after breakfast with lukewarm milk. Do not drink water at any cost within 2 hours of intake of medicine. This medicine should not be stored for more than 20 to 25 days because there is a possibility it might give a strange odour. Use this prescription in winters only.



By the grace of Allah glasses of 2.5 were laid off due to its use. It is an enemy of spectacles; it is useful for impaired brain function, memory and headache. Prepare it and value it.


Excellecent dum (space for urdu text) for toothache
Whosoever has severe toothache, place and press a hand over the tooth which is aching and recite this


InshAllah pain shall be relieved. (qari Mohammad Akram)


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