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Let’s decorate a small Greenhouse!

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Because of this small orchard the entire family can participate fully in the healthy activity of gardening. You can keep it according to your ease anywhere on the roof, in the balcony, terrace or corridor.

People living in the apartments fulfil their interest by keeping pots in the windows and balconies or by growing money plants and other flower vines in the hanging planters. If you also live in an apartment and are fond of gardening, but cannot keep plants or big pots due to lack of space, you can make a small greenhouse in the balcony or on the roof. This small orchard will satisfy your interest and   enhance the beauty of your house.

Although it is a western countries’ invention but we can also get advantage of this beneficial effort. Its construction is easy; beautification gives a sense of exquisiteness, it’s not a burden on your domestic budget and it may prove to be an excellent activity for the children. Especially during the vacation it can be a healthy and purposeful activity. Only the first step of the preparation of mini greenhouse requires hard work and time. But after this, you can grow flowers, plants and vegetables of your choice in this small luxuriant garden. Its preparation is also an interesting process.

For this purpose you may also use the old wooden cupboard cabinets which were placed in the store considering useless. Review the old wooden furniture and instead of selling such cabinet at throwaway prices, utilize it for making the mini greenhouse. Ask some carpenter to cut its doors and rear cabinets so that sunlight crosses from both sides. Keep those plants in this cupboard which do not require much sunlight such as indoor plants.

Besides different bottles, preserve cardboard boxes as these things will also be used in the decoration of mini greenhouse. Turn a thin steel wire hanger into U shape and cut its upper and lower parts, on which the cloths are hung with a steel cutter. Now only a straight wire will be left that can be easily turned into U shape. This turned hanger can work as a roof for the cardboard boxes. Cut a plastic sheet and spread it in the cardboard box. Stick this sheet with a masking tape in the corners of the box so that you don’t have to straighten it again and again. Now fill this box with fertilized mud. The box should be deep and the mud infill should be more than six inches. The plastic sheet should be thick so that water and moist mud may not spoil the box. If the box is big in size, more than one kind of seeds can be sowed in it but sowing just one kind of seeds will give better results. Use U shaped hanger to make roof of this mini greenhouse and put a light plastic sheet or light colored polythine bag on it. On each box, write the name of the respective seed with day, date and time when it was sowed. This is the best way to remember. There is no need to water the plants off-time and excessively and do not put so little water that it dampens only the upper layer of mud and does not reach the seeds. You may make this iron or wooden doll’s house type structure more innovative by covering it with the green shade which is especially used to protect the plants from sun. Moreover a plastic or fiber sheet can be used to cover the sides of this frame. This arrangement is done to preserve moisture in the plants and to protect them from harmful sunrays. Mini greenhouse has turned gardening into a new profession. In these modern times, it emerged as a new combination of innovation and facilitation. Because of this small orchard the entire family can participate fully in the healthy activity of gardening. You can keep it according to your ease anywhere on the roof, in the balcony, terrace or corridor. Besides removing tediousness of the house it protects from environmental pollution and is no less than a blessing for the protection of eyesight.

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