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6 Methods for Redemption From Cockroaches, Mosquitos, and Flies

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

If the offspring of one pair of flies manages to live till April then till the end of August a huge army of 190 billion houseflies is prepared. If you want to save yourself from their attack then find their havens and destroy them from the beginning.

The best time for spraying germicides is morning and the evening. When the medicine is sprayed during these times, beneficial results are received. The reason is that the movement of houseflies and mosquitos depends largely upon the availability of light in the surrounding areas. In dim light and darkness they keep on lurking in the corners and holes nearby. Or they keep on drowsing on the walls or the ceiling. In this state they can be easily hunted down. They do not sit at one place in the light. They keep on flying around. In this case the pesticides have very little effect. Many insects absorb the poison of the pesticide like a sponge in their bodies. In order to make your domestic battle against the mosquitos and insects there are various procedures. This battle has been on for a long time and does not seem to be coming to an end any time soon. Since the World War 2, the industry of germicides has progressed a lot. Some creeping insects like cockroaches keep on lurking in the corners of the house during the day time. They only come out at night. The most certain way of killing them is to sprinkle pesticides around their havens. Although the poisonous material used in these pesticides is very lethal, but their effect turns out after a few minutes or under certain circumstances after a few hours. Even after sticking the poisonous powder on their body, you find certain insects alive; don’t be anxious. Sooner or later they will definitely die. For the flying insects the pesticide proves to be very effective. As compared with powder, the results of the spray are more spontaneous and effective. Among the pesticides that can be sprinkled, Eni-thrine, Pi-thrine, Litheine, or thanaaite can be used in a large quantity. These are different forms of a special type of poison. Due to their effect, the flying power of various insects becomes handicapped. And they fall down on the floor in less than 30 seconds. After this another lethal poison that is used in a small quantity and starts doing its job and houseflies and other insects of this family start dying slowly.

Do not spray large quantities of medicines in rooms blindly. Like this you will achieve nothing except wastage of pesticide and money. The quantity of the pesticide to be used depends on the size of the room and not on the quantity of the insects. Whether they are many or only a few, the medicine sprinkled in the room will kill them all. The insects die due to a special poison in the pesticide. It takes some time for the pesticide to take effect. After one minute of spraying the medicine if more than half of the insects dies, and after 15 minutes no insects remains alive in the room then assume that the quantity of the pesticide was sufficient.

In order to spray in the orchard, do not use ordinary pesticides. They normally have some oils and certain toxic chemicals in them, spraying of which can adversely affect the flowers. If it is written on the packing that it is alright to spray it in the orchard, then there is no harm in doing so.

In order to overcome the insects and pests it is important to see that in which season they lay eggs. Generations of the most of the insects spread and reproduce very quickly. For example, if the offspring of one pair of flies manages to live till April then till the end of August a huge army of 190 billion houseflies is prepared. If you want to save yourself from their attack then find then havens and destroy them from the beginning. Like this they would not get any chance to flourish and nourish. In order for the larvae of mosquitos to flourish, dirty and stagnant water is required along with moisture. Never throw empty metallic boxes and utensils in the orchard or outside. Should the water collect in them, mosquitos will find shelters. If pesticides and germicides are sprayed once in a week in corners and holes, then their reproduction can be prohibited.

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