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Divine Food Arrived Through Salaat-ul-Haajat

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Saleem-ullah-Somro, Kandoyaaro

The ticket collector of the bus initially plainly refused to take a local passenger. Then the women pleaded. He demanded the fare for the whole journey, meaning Rs. 900. Although the fare for the next stop was only around Rs. 20–25.

A friend told about an incident that once upon a time he was traveling in a bus. A speech of a molvi sahib was going on in a very beautiful and sweet voice in Saraiki dialect. Everyone was enjoying the sermon. The manner of his delivery was such that when he told about the incident of Hazrat Musa علیہ السلام and his mother and sister that hazrat Musa’s mother put hazrat Musa علیہ السلام in a trunk and set that off in a river. She sent her sister behind to check that who picks her son up and that where is he kept? Hazrat Musa علیہ السلام’s sister was following that trunk. This is the love of a sister for a brother that Allah Almighty had sowed in her heart. Maulana sahib additionally said that once upon a time I was traveling in a bus that the bust stopped at a restaurant for the passengers to have food. When the bus started again on its way, and all the passengers sat on their places, a woman came & asked for a place to sit. She said provide me for a place to sit, I will also go ahead, a village will come on the way and I will get off there. The ticket collector of the bus initially plainly refused to take a local passenger. When the women pleaded, he demanded the fare for the whole journey, meaning Rs. 900. Although the fare for the next stop was only around Rs. 20–25. After listening to Rs. 900, the woman sat in the bus. When the ticket collector came to take the fare, the woman gave Rs. 50 to him. He refused to take the money and threatened that he would get her off the bus. The woman quickly gave him some of her jewelry and asked to keep the fare and to return to her the balance. And that even if he does not return, it would go under his possession. She requested to just to drop her on the next stop. Upon seeing this scene the people shouted that the woman was foolish, that she is giving him gold. Upon this the woman said that brothers! The real story is that my brother has died and there is only a small time left in his funeral. The heart is in sorrow and that there is only one desire to see the face of the brother for one last time. The gold can be recollected at some other time, but by Allah, it would not be possible to see the face of the brother again, even if I spend all of my wealth. And that this person is hungry for wealth. So I have given him an expensive belonging, so that I can see the face of my brother for one last time. The painful story of the woman made the eyes of all the passengers tearful.

1.1 Such Sages Exist Even Today...

(Muhammad Ishtiaq Awan, Sukkhur)

Respected hakeem sahib, Assalam-o-alaikum! A few days back I met with a class fellow. Initially they used to live in Sukkhur. Then they moved to Jahangira. This area is behind Peshawar. I asked him that what he was doing these days. He said that I am interested in historical places and antiques. That I am also interested in finding pearls hidden in mountains. He has been quite successful in this too. I asked him to tell about something that is very wonderful. He said that I used to go for search in these mountains, a sage used to live in the mountains, whose sole job was to perform zikr of Allah in those mountains; extremely indifferent to the world. He said that I did not use to talk too much to that sage. Only hello hi! One day I was going and said Salam to the sage. He called me to himself and talked to me in Pashto. He said that what are you doing; wasting your time about and talked much with me. My friend asked baba from where you get things to eat. He said that whenever I need something to eat, I go up in the mountains and I recite salat-ul-hajat. I pray earnestly to Allah Almighty, and my sustenance, whatever I need, comes down from the skies. The friend said that the sage said that my food comes down similar to the way the sustenance of the nation of hazrat Musa علیہ السلام used to come down from the skies. The friend said that the sage said that there is a lot of strength in salat-ul-haajat.

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