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Eat Cucumber for Good Health

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Spicy, fried and roasted foods cause acidity in stomach but don’t get worried and use cucumber daily in food to get rid of this. Cucumber is also beneficial for Ulcer. 

Cucumber is included in raw vegetables. It is used as salad with foods and also eaten after seasoning with salt and pepper. It is full of nutrients as it has less calories and fat. It has minerals and vitamins which increase its beneficial value. 

Keeps body fresh: Cucumber is based on 96 percent water which is alternate of daily water intake. This is the reason it keeps body fresh and maintains temperature and is also helpful in discharging of poisonous matters from body. 

For Skin Care: Cucumber is rich in vitamin A, B and C, minerals, magnesium, potassium and silica which is a perfect tonic for skin. Its juice is used to make mask for face which strengthens loose skin. Stearic acid and caffeic acid in cucumber clears dark circles around eyes. It also heals the effects of severe sunlight and wind from face. 

For Blood Pressure: Those suffering from high or low blood pressure should use cucumber juice as it is rich in potassium, magnesium and fiber which control blood pressure. 

For Teeth and Gums: Those suffering from teeth and gums infection and pus issues should eat cucumber and get rid of these diseases. 

Helpful in digestion: Spicy, fried and roasted foods create acidity in stomach but don’t get worried and use cucumber daily in food to get rid of this. Cucumber is also beneficial for Ulcer. It discharges poisonous matters from body through digestive process which keeps stomach healthy, fresh and active. Daily intake of cucumber keeps away constipation. 

For strong joints: Cucumber is rich in silica which makes the joints strong and healthy. 

Fights Cancer: Cucumber is rich in Leresinol, Panoresinol and three other acids which are beneficial in treating cancer of breast, prostate and uterus.

Get rid of Rheumatism: Cucumber is rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and magnesium and if carrot juice is mixed with cucumber juice then it will become more beneficial. It will not only treat Rheumatism but also get rid of Arthritis and lowers the level of Uric Acid. 

Gift for Diabetics: Cucumber has a hormone which is helpful for pancreas and makes insulin. It is a gift of nature for diabetic patients. 

Lowers Cholesterol Level: Cucumber is rich in sterol which lowers cholesterol level. 

Helpful in sweating: With sweating, it discharges waste matters and it also cures kidney and bladder stone through discharge. 

Use Cucumber for weight loss: Cucumber has less heat enzymes and high water quantity due to which it is a helpful vegetable for weight loss. 

While buying cucumber, make sure it is hard and green. It is a priceless gift of nature and a precious item. Adopt it and make yourself healthy. 

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