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Womens’ Queries

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

This page has been dedicated to family and personal problems of women. Women are encouraged to write their daily experiences. Write in clear words and with neatness even if it is not continuous.

Olive in summers…?

A reader wrote about olive oil that “When I started taking it, I felt severe irritation and I fell ill.” The second letter is of M K who asks that in summer, is it good to take one spoon of oil or not? Secondly there is germ in her teeth and a corner of teeth is blue which seems bad while laughing. How olive oil can be used on it & how will the blueness go away? 


Respected Readers: Allah Almighty has praised Olive in Qura’an Pak and even took swear upon Olive and Fig which shows that we should not ignore the benefits of those things which are praised by our creator. Using olive oil and taking it in food gives healing from 70 diseases including disease like leprosy. Now I am not sure that respected readers are using which olive oil as it should be of greenish or golden color. If it is blackish then it will give harm rather than benefit. The olive oil should be pure. In foreign countries, this oil is used for cooking food. It has many benefits. For skin and other internal diseases, its use is beneficial. It takes away constipation and eradicates abdominal worms. Those having stone in gall bladder avoid oily things but Olive oil benefits them too. Once, a child of my relative got motion with pain in abdomen and he was not getting relief with any medicine. I advised them to take one spoon of olive oil in morning and evening by taking name of Allah Almighty, the child got relief in a day. His abdominal pain was gone completely in 2 to 4 days.


Respected M. K! I feel that you got any injury on your teeth in childhood due to which the corner of your teeth is blue. If there was any infection or worm then it was of black color. Eating olives and using the juice of its leaves is always beneficial. Show your teeth infection to dentist as he will tell whether it is an injury or infection. 

Is it cancer?

I am studying in college. Since few months, right side of my breast is in pain when I touch my hand or even while taking shower. I feel like there is some tumor and I am very scared. I did not share it with my family yet. I am only writing this problem to you first. Is it Cancer? I am very scared. (Sh, Rawalpindi)


Respected Lady! You are educated then why you are hiding your disease like an uneducated person. You should go to some expert doctor with your mother as mothers are best friends of daughters. Don’t know why these days’ mothers do not give time to their daughters due to which their daughters remain in confusion. Do not touch the tumor much and if doctor suggests you some tests, then do not waste time and go for them immediately. First talk to your mother then see the doctor. Don’t be scared as diseases come and go. Pray for yourself in prayer and recite Quran Pak with consistency. Allah Almighty is merciful. 

Life taking Incident:

I fell prey to my cousins during young age. They left but I was helpless in front of my inner-self. Now I regret for my sins and pray to Allah Almighty. Now since two months my health is better. When I get evil thoughts, I ask Allah Almighty for guidance. 


Respected Lady! Be punctual in your prayers and eat Ghia Tori, Spinach, Kulfa and Yogurt. Eat less meat. Your mental and physical problems will go away within two months. May Allah Almighty give you consistency and keep you away from evils. You have mother and sisters at house. Try to stay busy with them. If your mother had kept an eye on you and your cousins, then there would not have been such a life taking incident. I ask mothers again and again to take care of their daughters and when they are grown up then make them friends and guide them about every even and odd. The carelessness of mothers leads to such incidents.

Summer and Nose bleeding:

I suffer from nose bleeding in summer season. I tried many treatments but it is not cured. Advise me some home remedy for this problem. (Naila, Karachi)


Take Kushta Sang Jarahat 5 grams and Geeru 1 gram and mix them. Take one pinch of medicine by putting it on yogurt and take daily, the nose bleeding will stop. Buy Kushta Sang Jarahat from some good and known herbal medicine store. Those having nose bleeding should use this medicine. Add vegetable and yogurt in your daily diet. Allah Almighty will show mercy. By using this medicine one can also stop menses/periods.

Prostate Problem:

I am suffering from prostate problem, I feel pain while urination. (Nawaz Begum, Peshawar)


The patients of urine diseases should grind Mulathi 10 grams and soak in a glass of water at night and drink in morning after straining it. It will take away bladder diseases as well as cancer and other related diseases. These diseases are common after 50 years of age. Buy fresh and worm-free Mulathi.

Mark on Carpet:

We had paint in our house recently and when we displaced Sofas then there were prominent marks on the carpet as it was pressed with their weight. Now how we can make it fine? We cannot buy a new carpet. Kindly give any solution to this problem. (Shaista, Lahore)


Due to weight, the carpets get such marks which seem very bad. Try a remedy to get rid of it. The portion of carpet which is pressed, note its size and take ice cube of same size and put it on pressed place. When it is melted then wait for water to get dried. When it is completed dried, than clean it with vacuum cleaner, the carpet will be fine to some extent.

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