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The Patients who was on his last breaths got cured……But how?

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

[Muhammad Faran Arshad Bhatti; Muzaffar Garh] 

But…!!! Maybe nature was bound to be kind. Someone informed Allah Ditta’s sons about a renowned Hakeem; they brought him home and asked him to treat their father. Hakeem Sahab checked the patient thoroughly. Now how the patient could be treated.


Out of nowhere Allah Ditta caught high fever, he stayed home and took medicine, he thought that it was an ordinary fever and that it would go away with paracetamol and dispirin but fever became worse. His sons took him to the doctor who gave Allah Ditta injections and some capsule medicine to eat but fever did not come down. They took him to Nishtar Hospital in Multan and got him admitted and started the treatment. The fever was not coming down and then doctors gave him high potency medicines which reduced the fever but his body became so cold that he almost went into a state of coma. Doctors tried their best but there was no difference. A month passed by in the same condition, his relatives and friends would come to visit and would back without any hope. Allah Ditta’s sons consulted private doctors but there was no improvement. At last doctors at Nishtar Hospital told them that there is nothing else they can do and they can take the patient home. The patient was brought back to home and was still in the state of coma, he could not even open his mouth. Friends and relatives would visit him and go. Allah Ditta’s sons were still consulting Hakeem (Naturopaths) and doctors for his treatment but all were without any hope. When ever there would be announcement for any death in the community everyone would suspect that maybe Allah Ditta has died. 

But, the nature was at its Mercy!! Someone told Allah Ditta’s sons about a famous Hakeem (Naturopath). They brought the Hakeem (Naturopath) home and asked him to treat their father. Naturopath checked their father. How could the patient be treated as he does not drink or eat anything? The Naturopath gave an Oil and told his sons to massage rigorously in a closed room and do it for three days and then let me know about the situation. The sons started to massage with full devotion and on the third day felt that there is some movement in their father’s body. They told the Naturopath about the progress and he suggested to get a goat and spray its milk on patient’s face directly from the goat’s milking parts. So a goat was arranged quickly and its milk was sprayed on the face, as soon as the milk touched patient’s lips, the patient started to sip it. This was done three times a day and on the fourth day the patient opened up his full mouth and drank the milk. Slowly and gradually the condition improved…

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