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Your Dreams and their Interpretations

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Good Dream:

I saw my seven years daughter in my lap. I see her hairs which are full of lice. Then I rub oil in her hairs and perform comb-out. A lot of lice come out of hairs. Instead of killing them, I wash the comb and again comb her hair. The lice keep on coming. Till the end, few lice were still coming in the comb. I get worried and then I awake. [Riffat; Multan]

Interpretation: Dream is good; your daughter has been protected from some disease. Take her to a doctor and take good care of her grooming. Do not take it lightly. Also do charity according to your status.

Success in Target: 

I slept after praying the Salaat o Hajaat. In dream I see that I am standing near the wall between my house and my neighbors, along with an aaamil. He tells me twice that my marriage will happen with this girl. And I am thinking about the possibility of the same. [Javed; Lahore]

Interpretation: Dream is good as you will benefit in your aim. You must carry on your efforts and prayers. Success will be your destiny.

Relief in trouble:

I saw a dream where an owl is sitting on the wall of my house in the village. (Now we live in the city). It looks at me and I wave him off. Then I pat, feed an eagle and pigeon and make encaged them in a basket. After this I see that the pigeon flies away. After that the scene changes; I find myself standing in the school. Accompanying us is her friend who has an adorable child in her lap; I pat him. After that I go up the school stairs and see pigeon eggs of which one has broken. Then I wake up. [Saima; Sheikhupura]

Interpretation: The dream is very good. All troubles shall wade off from your house and there shall be a lot of benevolence at home. Just take precautions as any of your deed may spoil the situation. Do sadaqah and give alms according to your status.

Beautiful plants:

I come out of my room to yard and I see many parterres there and have some plants, or maybe one plant whose branches is joining upwardly. I am looking at those plants and am surprised; those plants grew suddenly big and turned beautiful and green. I never witnessed such beautiful plants. Then the scene changes; I find myself in a marriage ceremony, where we are standing on the roof and looking downward. My cousin and elder sister; both are present. Suddenly, my male cousin grips my hand firmly. I wonder what will happen if my sister sees this. Then I wonder if my sister observes this, she shall know the intensity of his love for me. His elder sister is laughing and talking to me; we all are very happy. [Sophia; Rawalpindi]

Interpretation: This is the good dream for both of you and your family. Recite Surah Rehman after Maghrib prayer and pray for all of your wishes. Continue this for 41 days.

Big trouble:

I see that there is a major storm or earthquake; the land is moving. I find myself on a higher place like mountains which is also shaking. There are other people around whi are either flying in the air or have been drifted off from some other place. They are saying we all have to end up in the soil; the land is calling us. They are running while saying this and as they advance ahead, a huge mud stone presses them in the soil. My father in law is also among those people. He asks us to run away. I have grabbed the hands of my children firmly. Then the scene changes; It was a qayamat which has passed. I find people in in worse conditions. [Faiza; Faisalabad]

Interpretation: There is nothing to worry. You and the people of your city have been protected from some major calamity. Everyone must recite Astaghfaar excessively and perform pious deeds. Recite Surah Maryam once after Fajr prayer and pray for barkat.

Marriage at good place:

I see that I have gone for shopping with my daughter. I want to purchase a suit for my daughter from a ready-made garment shop where suits are hanging. There is a red dress which is too simple, a blue dress which has excessive gaudy work, and a white dress with golden embroidery. I did not like them for my daughter and I suggest to go to another shop. I ask the shopkeeper that when new suits will come; he says probably new dress will not come. After this I think that I must buy any one, as all may sold out. Then I buy one suit for my daughter which looks very elegant on my daughter. [Amber; Sialkot]

Interpretation: There is nothing to worry. Your daughter will married at a good place and she will lead her life happily.  Do not act in haste in the case of proposals. You must recite Surah Maryam once after Maghrib prayer and pray for wellness and blessings. 

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