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Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Farooq Ahmad; Khairpur Tamiwali

Honourable readers, the story that is mentioned ahead is from before partition of subcontinent which took place in khairpur-tamiwali, and even today many witnesses are present that testify to this event. A colleague of mine told me this story, and the moral of it is that ‘the oppressor is always punished’.

When Pakistan came into being, at the time of partition, mass migration occurred, and due to clash of different communities a lot of bloodshed occurred. According to British historians, 3 million Muslim males and females were killed; young female committed suicide to save their honour. The land turned red due to human blood. Amongst those that were the instigators of such violence, there was also a man named Gaaman Sundo who was the richest man of Khairpur. He was a Thakur as well as very atrocious. When he saw partition is happening and that Hindus and Sikhs were being forced to migrate and were leaving their property behind he began to realize that much more property could be gained if he started to kill these people, taking control of their property. Soon his greed increased to such an extent that other Muslims were forced to take a stand against him to remind him that the importance of one human life is greater than even the sanctity of KAABA but Gaaman Sundo paid no heed and continued to take lives and property.

After some time, when the chaos of this mass migration had settled down, Gaaman Sundo was a much wealthier man but he soon fell sick and died. After his death, when his dead body was brought to the graveyard and lowered into the grave, the grave did not accept him and threw him out. Wherever in the graveyard, his grave was dug, it would not stay appropriate. Some religious and pious persons then recommended that this dead body be taken elsewhere for its burial as pious people were buried there & they would not let him stay buried there.

Some distance away, there was a tree present and people were forced to bury below. After quickly digging up a grave and throwing the body inside, people ran away and when they were only some distance away a flame erupted from inside the grave and the tree was set on fire. Offering Istighfar for their own sins, people hurriedly left the place.

Many recount this story to reinstate how Gaaman Sundo’s mass killing was a cause of such torture in his grave. Even today, those who pass from near that place feel a strange heat wave surrounding that area. It is a guaranteed fact that taking someone’s life or harming others can only bring about severe torment for the oppressor and his offspring.

Earnings From Haram Lead To Destruction:

[Abid Rasheed]

It is a true incident on the topic of makafat-e-amal. A friend of my father was posted on a good position in the Revenue Department. He had a son and a daughter who were very obedient. Due to excessive money, they shifted to a posh locality of Lahore. It lead to decrease in interaction. We got to know after few years from a mutual friend that my father’s friend expired and on that same night, his son lost their house and car in gambling. Rest of the assets were auctioned for bank loans and debt of people. His daughter’s in-laws divorced her on seeing this situation. This incident shows that there was only one flaw in grooming which resulted in the above mentioned situation; when walls built on haram earnings fall then only damage is gained.


A golden opportunity for SADQAH-JAARIA:

JINNAT KA PAIDAISHI DOST tells stories that are extra-ordinary and strange, relating to paranormal activity. History tells us that many religious scholars, pious persons and AWLIA saw and interacted with things that were out of the ordinary and couldn’t be explained by scientific facts. The second volume of JINNAT KA PAIDAISHI DOAST is being prepared and at this stage we invite our readers and followers to contribute actively by sending in stories of paranormal or strange happenings along with references. Stories like meeting with Hazrat Khizar, travelling very long distances in a very short span of time, or doing a lot of zikar in little time, and also meeting and interacting with jinn etc.; all these events are true happenings in the life of many pious people. Material such as this as well as scientific research related to spirituality, and jinn are also welcome. (Administration of Ubqari) 

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