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A single tonic for 29 diseases! Surprise All Around!

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Readers! I collect invaluable pearls after extensive research and share with you. You are requested to become generous and write to me.

Editor: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Whoever used it consistently, incurred many benefits. But it has many more benefits proven by research and the people who used it. I am amazed to know about its numerous benefits.

I have always been in habit of finding the people who keep their life-long experiences in their chests and live in solitude. I want to preserve the life-long precious experiences, observations, sincere conclusions, findings of people since I can not help people getting disappeared from the world but I can strive to preserve their invaluable experiences.

Few days back, I happened to meet a person. Gossip took to the topic of joints and knee pain. He spontaneously said that he was over seventy years and were facing such problems. He said that he carried out his treatment himself and after using a certain tonic for some weeks he felt that he was getting well. He added that whenever he felt such kind of problem, he cured himself by using that tonic. I got curious since he had been in medical field throughout his life and had undertaken many medical researches. He had an experience of seventy years. Despite of the age, he had commendable health. When I realized that the secret behind his good health was that tonic I asked him, “can you share with me that tonic which has kept your body, joints, muscles, nerves stonger?” He laughed and smilingly said, “you are the only one with whom I would share but I am afraid that you will write it in magazine.” I felt pleased and said, “definitely! I would write in magazine for thousands of people would be benefited.” He said that then he himself would write. He said that orange; whatelse is the name – kinoo, fruiter – would be best if it is as sour as it could be. Squeeze two oranges in such a way that juice contains its fibres and seeds. Add a big spoon full of honey and a small spoon of codliver oil. Stir and mix honey and codliver oil in the juice until there appears froth. Then drink the liquid in small sips. Don’t gulp at once, take time to finish the juice. That is it. Drink this juice in morning before eating or drinking anything else. Be it summer or winter, rain or thunder; whatever kind of the weather be. This tonic does the trick. It is equally beneficial for men, women, old fellows and young people. Readers! He told this a tonic for joint-pain and backache but having used it myself, I found that it has innumerable benefits proven by science, research and the people who used it. I am amazed that how it could happen.

  1. Parkinson’s disease: it is a disorder related to old-age in which people forget.
  2. Psorasis: it is widely spreading skin disease. This tonic is beneficial for such skin disorders in which skin gets erupted and inflammated. Nails of some people get blackened and become dead. It is good news for them as they can get back their nails in normal form and shape by using it for some days, week or months.
  3. It cures the inflammaiton and swelling of small intestine.
  4. Small intestine Ulcer: This tonic cures the ulcer of small intestine regardless that how chronic the disorder has been.
  5. It also cures psychological disorders like schizophrenia, tension, anxiety and depression.
  6. It cures anemia caused after and before pregnancy or after an accident. It is a remedy equally useful for curing anaemic children and adults. It compensates the defeciency of blood.
  7. It cures skin allergy, seasonal allergy, pollen allergy, food or medicinal allergy and even allergy caused by wheat. It is an invaluable tonic.
  8. Asthma: when people suffering with asthma were given this tonic, in the beginning some felt unease but later they incurred positive results.
  9. Alzeihmer’s diseasse is a disorder in which body of the patient trembles continuously. Patient looses control over his body. Patient can not eat and drink. This tonic is markedly helpful in this disease.
  10. It is beneficial in enhanced level of cholestrol, fatty acid and toxins in blood. It also helps eradicating metabolites like uric acid, urea and cratinine.
  11. It cures chronic depression.
  12. Diabetic patients may not add honey to this mixture. Though, adding honey would do no harm rather it was found that it remained beneficial and cured the wounds of diabetic patients.
  13. It is helpful in opthalmic disorders. Abnormal dryness of eyes, blindness, abscesses in eyes and gradual decrese in eye sight can be cured by using this tonic.
  14. It cures joint pain of women; especially the joint pain after menopause. Old people must use this tonic with full confidence.
  15. Stress in joints, muscles and nerves of neck and head get cured by this tonic.
  16. It prevents people from loosing their weight.
  17. Heartburning, acidity, flatulence, obesity gets cured by this tonic in a fashion as there have never been such diseasese.
  18. It cures cancer of large intestine which has no solution otherwise but cutting the cancerous tract.
  19. In later age, prostate glands gets enlarged. Urination becomes difficult. Use of this tonic for some days helps curing this problem.
  20. This tonic cures the pain and unrest during menstrual period.
  21. Breast cancer: it cures the breast cancer which has no solution otherwise but cutting the cancerous part. DON’T! Use this with trust for some time.
  22. Those people who are in the habit of eating more and they eat continuously and still their stomach does not fill up, this tonic gives them a lot of benefit.
  23. Allusions, psychiatric diseases, brain stress and complications for which people are tired of getting treatments, should use this tonic.
  24. Genetic illnesses in kids and those genetic illnesses which run in families would certainly benefit when this tonic is used.
  25. Stomach Ulcer- Whoever took this tonic, whether it was stomach ulcer or intestinal ulcer. They benefited.
  26. Chronic Headache: This is such an ailment that would make the patient use strong medications. People having chronic headaches should use this tonic.
  27. Expecting mothers should use this tonic which would reduce the pains until the pain is completely gone.
  28. Elevated Heartbeat-People whose heart beat increases randomly on its own or when they hear something unpleasant. This tonic is very good for them.
  29. Leukorrhea in females-This tonic should be used for this illness; it also cures infections in uterus and internal inflammation.

Readers! These are those observations which have multiple tales, observations and strange stories attached with each experiment.

I have summarized the best findings of this tonic. This tonic helps the body to grow and it pulls out dangerous toxins from the body which can become causes to numerous diseases. This tonic is also beneficial for illnesses related to heart, liver, large intestine, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, joint pains. Its benefits are same for all diseases; use it with confidence. It is a remarkable things and a very strange experience.

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