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Joint-Pain and Hepatitis – No more

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Often children as well as elders suffer with haemoglobin-disorder. It can be entirely cured by taking one glass of apple juice daily. In case, apple juice is unavailable, the patient may eat an apple with one glass of milk; it will cure the disease.

Hepatitis is a fatal disease. One suffering with this disease becomes worried and frustrated. This disease limits the choice of food. One cannot even eat wheat-chapatti which is an integral part of diet. We have gone far away from the teachings of Allah Almighty; this is the only reason that such kind of diseases are rampant these days. Pregnant women on the pretext of taking rest watch television. The un-born baby absorbs and gets affected by the TV transmission and becomes acquainted with all the evils before coming to this world. This is one of the basic things which have given birth to many incurable diseases. If mother, before the birth of the baby remains busy in the activities that pleases Allah Almighty; keeps herself clean and pure, recites Holy Quran, daily recites Surah Yousuf; surely she would give birth to a very pious and healthy baby. Keep children away from the evils of TV, cable. Many children, who are born, are crippled and abnormal. Their parents are responsible for this. They having lust for wealth neither earn Rizq e Halal nor pay obligatory alms, pay no heed to human rights and disobey their parents. If society gets purged of these evils, diseases would vanish automatically. Analysing the birth of the children, it gets known that every second baby is being born by an operation. Fourteen hundred years back, there never have been such operations. All of this is happening just because now we maintain no faith in Allah Almighty. Women don’t want to bear pain. Every child when opens his eyes, finds a crowd of people surrounding him whereas Holy Prophet  had said that when a baby is born, there must not be third person other than the mother and midwife; and child must hear no other sound but of Azan. But the situations in hospitals are contrasting. There is no consideration of veil, no one bothers to give bath to the baby; people remain engaged in idiotic acts, nurses and mid-wives demand compensation. Having paid the expenses, parents are left with no money to perform Aqeeqa. We have left Allah’s commandments. Let me write what happened to a lady. She was to give birth to her first baby. She visited doctor for check-up. Doctor told that she would have to undergo an operation. Lady did not like what doctor told her. She prayed Allah to let her deliver the baby in complete cover. She also prayed that she would perform Aqeeqa of the money that would be saved from operation. That lady came back to home and after eight hours she gave birth to a baby with assistance of a midwife. Silence was observed, baby was given bath; Azan and Aqamat was delivered in the ears of the baby and Aqeeqa was performed. I request all my sisters to have faith in Allah Almighty and follow His orders. This would keep them from many troubles.

One of our dear-ones was diagnosed with hepatitis. She visited a Hakeem who gave her the following prescription. Take five pieces of tamarind and two table spoons of brown sugar. After saying Maghrib prayer, soak five pieces of tamarind in one glass of water. Let tamarind remain soaked in water for the whole night. In the morning rub the tamarind vigorously and strain the water. Drink after mixing two table spoons of brown sugar in this water. By the will of Allah Almighty, one will be cured in five days. Otherwise, continue this tonic until one gets fully cured.

Tonic Number 02

Take five dried apricots, ten grams of fresh mint and ten grams of fresh ginger. Cut these three in small slices and after offering Maghrib prayer soak them in two cups of lukewarm water. In the morning after saying Fajar prayer, pour the mixture in a pan and heat the mixture. Continue heating untill one cup of water is left in the pan. Take the pan off the stove, strain the water and let it cool. Add sugar and drink the water. Use this tonic for eleven days, by the will of Allah Almighty, one will be cured in eleven days. Otherwise, continue using this tonic unless one gets fully cured. Children of three to four years can also use this tonic however they can consume the quantity of one cup of water in whole day. Many people used this tonic and got benefited.

Tonic Number 03

Often children as well as elders suffer with haemoglobin-disorder. It can be completely cured by taking one glass of apple juice daily. In case, apple juice is unavailable, the patient may eat an apple along with one glass of milk. It will cure the disease. Let children suffering with this disorder take apple juice. They will be cured, by the will of Allah Almighty.

Invaluable Remedy For Joint-Pain

Take 250 grams gum of (Babu) Keekar tree. Measure the quantity of the gum. Add one glass of water to one glass of gum. Let it remain soaked in water for twelve hours. Heat the mixture until it agitates and take it off the stove. Put it in refrigerator for six hours. Unnecessary straws and sticks present in gum would settle down in the bottom of the pan. Add one table spoon of this mixture in milk or tea and take twice a day. Benefits: it would add vigour to the body. Stomach disorders would vanish. It is a great tonic for the treatment of knee-pain. This tonic cures constipation forever. This helps retaining sinuvial fluid in knees. It treats headache. People of any age can use this tonic. There is another way of using this tonic. Children are used to chew gums. Let children chew a pinch of this gum. This secretes pleasant juice in mouth. 

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