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Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Son sick since 5 years

My son was affected by mild pneumonia 5years back. Health professionals said his lungs were weak and that his condition will improve as he grows old. Now he is 7years of age but still occasionally suffers from breathing problems even though he has been given numerous treatments. He also lacks interest in studies. (Mrs. Usman.Sukkur) 

Answer: Recite first ayah of Surah Maryum clearly and audibly once, while he is in deep sleep at night. Also recite Surah Fatiha, dum on a glass of water twice a day (morning and evening) and give him to drink. Recite Surah Fatiha and do dum on your hand and massage on the back of his hands and lungs. Repeat this thrice. He shall be cured completely inshAllah and this will also help him to concentrate in studies.

Domestic peace ruined

I am so stressed out with domestic problems that I want to run away from home. Our family relations are strained, my father quarrels all the time. He is paranoid. He mistreats my mother and sisters. He abuses and curses us. My brothers are now becoming like my father in character. My mother often sees a snake in a dream that bites and takes away a part of her flesh. We believe it signifies black magic. Our domestic peace is ruined. (A.S) 

Answer: Your mother and you should recite complete tasmia 100 times bracketing it with Durood Shareef recited once. Do dum on both hands and massage hands on the face. Pray to almighty Allah to have mercy on your family problems. Proceed with this wazifa for at least 90 days. InshAllah your problems will be solved or you will be guided a way out of this mess.


Psychological Patient ….?

I am going through severe mental trauma. I am prey of my mother’s unfair and harsh attitude since childhood. As I grew old, so did my frustrations. I started to avoid facing people. My elder sister used to make fun of me. I became a victim of inferiority complex, became isolated and lost self confidence. My mother declared me a psychological patient. She used to stop me from everything that would be of benefit to me. People forced me to believe I am a psychological patient. I want to scream and cry out loud but that would prove them true. (Concealed) 

Answer: Engross proper noun “اللہ” and place it on a wall in your room. After fujr prayer, focus it with concentration for 10 minutes while reciting the same in your heart and then continue reciting it for 10 minute more while roaming around. Before going to sleep recite the name “اللہ” for 10 minutes while focusing on it and then go to sleep. INSHALLAH there will change in you and this will also have a positive effect on your surroundings. 

Bang in the head

I felt a bang in my head and a gaseous distension arose in my abdomen 9years back while I was sleeping at night. I woke up from my sleep, my heart was beating fast, and I was so anxious and scared that I felt I was going to die. After this episode I felt strange change in my mind and perception. I lost control over my mind rather I felt my brain is controlling me. My daily routine feels like I am in a trance. My head quivers with stress. I suffer from insomnia and I am anorexic. I feel my mind and body are disconnected. Sometimes I feel my body has dematerialized. I am both mentally and physically incapacitated. (Shahbaz.Murree)

Answer: Consult a good physician and share your condition with him. Follow his directions for treatment and precautions and also undergo this routine. Take a piece of paper and write complete tasmia on ﷽it. Draw a circle with a ‎dark spot in its centre below   ﷽‎. View this image with concentration for at least 10minutes after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep. Recite“اللہ, اللہ in your heart for 10minutes after fajar prayer while taking a walk with an empty mind. Reduce intake of oil and salt in your diet.

Lost my mind….

I liked someone and wanted to marry him but my family did not agree to it. My peace of mind was shattered due to this conflict. I don’t like to do anything, nor do I talk to anyone. I feel as I am out of my mind. I want to erase all thoughts of that boy from my mind and my family to stop being mad at me. I want to do some job but my family doesn’t agree. (Saira.Rawalpindi)

Answer: It would be good for you if you listen to what your family says and consider yourself wrong about that boy, and reject these thoughts. There is some association of your sub conscious mind with your past experience due which it is impossible for you to change yourself. For focus of concentration recite surah ikhlaas for 10 minutes in a dark corner before going to bed at night. Repeat this for 40 days. Count and cover up later for those days when you are bound not to recite. INSHALLAH you will be bestowed a lot of goodness from Allah Almighty besides peace of mind.

He, who eats less, has a bright mind. The eyes of intellect see through light of faith and he who does things in haste becomes trapped.


Deterioration of physical strengths

I feel like my physical strength is deteriorating and my mind is closing down. My digestive system becomes disordered quite frequently. Nothing I eat gives me strength. I feel nauseous and am scared to take medicine. I take restricted diet. I feel ill at ease during sleep. At times I feel very hungry and then I wake up and eat something. Doctors say it is due to tension and anaemia. I suffer from body ache and pain in the arms quite frequently.  I am restless and deprived of cheerfulness and bliss. (Raina; Multan)

Answer: Recite Surah Fatiha thrice after Fajr prayers, blow on water and drink it. Recite Surah Ikhlas thrice after Isha prayers and blow on your thumbs. Massage your right thumb on your right eye and left thumb on left eye. Repeat this thrice. Insha Allah, Allah shall free you from physical and mental pains soon.

 Crises about earnings

My father worked at place but then he got sick. He had to do away with the job because of it. He has been looking for a job since he got well but its not working. Our situation is so terrible, it’s unexplainable. It feels like all the doors to good luck are shut for us. I run a small business but its not going well either. My earnings are going downhill day by day. (Kashif.Lahore)

Answer: Ask your father to offer prayers regularly and pray to Allah almighty after fajar and isha prayers after reciting Ayah Number 19 of Surah Shura thrice. InshAllah such causes and circumstances will open up, that will solve your problems. You are advised to offer namaz e isha and then recite Ayatulkursi twice with Durood thrice before and after Ayatulkursi, and pray to Allah Almighty for blessings and wellbeing. Practice this for 90 days. 

Economic problems

I am very troubled as my economic condition is deteriorating day by day. My expenses are shooting up but I am earning a negligible amount. (Anwar Kamal. Gujrat) 

Answer: For economic problem, finding a job and blessings in domestic issues recite ayatulkursi 4 times with bracketing of durood sharif thrice after offering fajar and isha prayer. Pray to Allah Almighty while imagining that you are below Ursh e ilahi and Allah almighty is listening to you. Pray repeatedly. Perform this amal for 90 days.

Brain is working inefficiently

2 years back, I took admission in class 9th after memorizing The Holy Quran. I remained comatose for 25 days after an accident in that period of time. I suffered a severe injury at the back of my head. My memory got weak after the accident. My schooling has come to a standstill. There are a lot of things that I say unknowingly but I tend to regret them later. I have become argumentative. I remember The Holy Quran and offer prayers regularly by the grace of Allah but as soon as I start studying my course books my brain stops working. I have taken a lot of medications but things are the same. (Mohammad Yousaf.Hyderabad) 

Answer: Ask someone to perform this umul for you in the morning and at night. He should perform ablution and make you sit in front him, recite proper noun “اللہ” and dum on the index finger, then with that index finger, write “اللہ” on the site of injury on the head and then blow lightly on the head. Repeat this thrice. You should imagine (before going to bed) that there is a big sea and you have drowned in it. Concentrate on this image in your head for at least 10minutes and then go to sleep. 

Reason of being frightened

I feel frightened since childhood, I don’t know why. I m so scared that I cannot go from one room to the other in the dark at night. I can’t sleep alone at a different house. I shudder and have goose bumps when I listen to any supernatural and weird tale. I am scared to death even at the thought of flying by air. I am unable to comprehend the cause of this fear. (Mohammad Khurshid. Sheikhupura) 

Answer: Sit down and close your eyes after fajar prayer. Imagine that you are in dark place or a dark room for 10minutes. Recite ayatulkursi thrice before going to sleep and then lie down. Repeat these sentences in your heart “darkness is not frightening”, “erase this fear of the dark from your heart”. Say these sentences over and over again till you go to sleep. Follow both routines for at least 40days. Avoid an increased amount of sour and salty food in your diet. Use an average amount of naturally sweetened foods e.g. dates etc. 


My daughter is married for 8yrs but she doesn’t have a baby. Kindly suggest spiritual wazaif. (Begum Asif.Chunian) 

Answer: Sister, offer prayers five times a day. Your daughter should daily drink dum water of recitation of Surah Yousaf thrice; bracketing it with durood sharif 11times.She should drink this water in the morning (fastingنہار  منہ) continuously for 41 days. There shouldn’t be any gap in between. 

Lethargy and impaired vision

I feel severe pain and stiffness in the heels of foot, muscles, and fingers of the hand. I feel lethargic and sleepy all the time. Kindly suggest a wazifa in the light of Quran and Sunnah. (Tabussum Azeem.Sialkot) 

Answer: Write Surah Fatiha along ﷽ with complete tasmia with saffron on a white ceramic plate. Wash this plate with water from a well. Drink this water in the morning (fastingنہار  منہ) everyday for 41 days. InshAllah it will be of benefit.

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