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Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

With positive attitude and positive thoughts we can make our world heaven, and our life heavenly too, it is only about changing, which is difficult but not impossible. Let us change ourselves towards positivity today.

Habits, attitudes, ways, thoughts are different in different people. Many habits may be similar but often we complain about the attitude of other persons, he is not sweet spoken or he is always unpleasant, but, have you ever considered your behavior? How pleasantly we meet others and often we get upset when guests come where have they come from? Whereas guests are blessing from Allah.

If we, instead of looking for shortcomings of others, start looking for the qualities they have, like this their shortcomings will no more be prominent. Similarly if we give positive reply to the rude attitude of others, then even the bad can become good. Agreed, that everybody can get angry but if one can control it, he can also be counted amongst good people and the other benefit is that your positive behavior can make others good also. Often our neighbors have such habits that they throw their junk in front of our homes or if the kids fight, they hit kids of other people due to which one becomes angry and one starts behaving badly with bad people and this leads to more problems. Whereas, if reply is positive and even if neighbors throw some junk in front of one’s home, if politely one explains that this is not right and if one makes the kids understand that they should not be rude to the elders. This approach is better and kids will also get good training. Even brothers and sisters’ quarrel and some kids are trouble-makers. If brothers and sisters, who have a peaceful temperament, do not quarrel with the trouble-maker kids then the fight ends and parents do not get upset. Similarly, if we wish to make our relationship pleasant with others, we have to give certain sacrifices, sometimes sacrifice of our rest, sleep and at times of our happiness like this we can maintain balance in our relationships and can be a good example to others.

If we sacrifice our happiness for the sake of others, we can get real happiness, the happiness one gets by giving happiness to others is unparalleled. If we sacrifice our happiness for the sake of happiness of others, we can experience such happiness which we cannot get otherwise.

We can make our world heaven by making our attitude and thoughts positive and our life heavenly too, it is only about changing which is difficult but not impossible. Let us change ourselves towards positivity today. Learn to be happy from the happiness of others, keep your thinking positive, do not keep jealousy in your mind for others, stay contented on what you have and do not be greedy so that Allah (S.W.T) gives us more blessings. Do not do backbiting, feel happy in entertaining guests, be respectful to elders and have love for younger and do not expect reward for your good deeds.

Reward can be given only by Allah (S.W.T), stay happy with your luck as Hazrat Ali  said that lucky is the one who is contented upon his luck. Forget all the complains for others and maintain good attitude as this life is very limited then why should we waste it; rather, we should enjoy doing pious deeds and spreading good deeds.

One should find a chance, but how? If your thinking is positive then in all types of situation you will find a chance for good deed. Experts have pointed out certain things to find best chances.

I am impressed by history but it does not mean at all that I should be lost in it. Whatever job you are doing, it can be done in a better way. If you can add a dessert (sweet dish) in the breakfast for your husband or family, this will lead to positive thinking of your family towards you.

Many things seem impossible but everyday many impossible things are revealed as possible in this world. Look at any department of life and everyday strange and unbelievable things are happening. If you keep your thinking positive, no matter how many problems come before you---do not get upset and see how your life becomes heavenly and what peace you get at home---try to find new chances all the time and relief yourselves from the quarrels at home. Do not be afraid of obstacles in life. It has often been observed that small family matters, obstacles and worries lead people towards hopelessness, they lose their power of thoughts, and they lose the will to struggle. If you think that every obstacle is a challenge and will show a way to new success then there is no reason that failure comes nearby.

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