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Treatment of Physical Ailments – Herbal Advices

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014


My age is 45 years; I am married and have kids. I am a patient of blood pressure and gas which has made my life a wreck.  I visited doctor who told me that I have blood pressure but I do not feel having high blood pressure. I feel as if something bad will happen to me and I have this terrifying feeling all the time. I trust my Allah and pray regularly five times. My daughters are young and at the age of getting married and my sons are jobless because of which I have developed depression. I feel like eating more even after taking proper meal. Please tell me what kind of disease is this. My eyesight is also weak, hands and feet become cold. The condition becomes somewhat better after taking rest. [Farrukh Bano; Faisalabad]


Mix one teaspoon of pure honey in half cup pure rose water and drink it daily two times. Write after every 15 days. Use diet. No 1


My age is 19 years. I have the problem of urine since last 3 to 4 years. I have undergone several treatments but the problem starts again after few days. Urine keeps on coming for some time after urinating. I have undergone test but the reports were clear. I have eaten sesame seeds but to no avail. I feel weakness and the whole body starts shivering if I speak loudly. Hands and feet are yellow and white. Please do answer this letter. [Jamil Ahmad; Gujjar Khan]


Mix one tablespoon of pure honey in water and drink after every meal. Use diet no 3


My problem is that I developed depression 3 years back. I used to feel like not talking to anyone and used to feel like crying all the time. I used to cry and get angry on little things. I undergone treatment from psychiatrist where I was given anti-depressant tablets by doctor due to which I used to sleep all the time. Then I got cured because of those tablets but I became fat whereas before taking them I was thin. I feel lot of pain as well during periods. It’s been one years since I left those tablets but I still feel lot of pain in my body due to which I am unable to do any work. I am really worried because of this pain. I underwent several treatments of this pain from different doctors and hakeems but to no avail. Please tell me some cure to return to my previous self and to get rid of obesity. [Raheela Asghar; Islamabad]


Eat every kind of pumpkin, big pumpkin, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, winter radish, carrot, round gourd and turnip. Make gravy of these vegetables in pure desi ghee and eat with spoon; eat roti as well. Eat lots of papaya and melon. Eat fine quality of sundarkhaani raisins ½ chitank and 5 almonds in the morning. Write again after 15 days. Use diet no 3


I am 16 years old and student of first year. I eat a lot but to no avail. You once suggested someone to eat JAVARISH JALINUS. Can I eat it too? [Imrana; Lahore]


Do not use Javarish Jaalinos. Instead use pure butter and desi ghee which can be beneficial.


My age is 23 years and I have the problem of flu since few years, my nose remains blocked. I used to sneeze a lot, my nose keeps on flowing and I have developed slight cough. Now for few time back I have developed the problem of breathing as well. My heart beats very fast. I have not taken any medicine in this regard yet. I want to ask you that is this Asthma? If so then will it get cured? Along with all this I also have mucus in my throat though I abstain from eating cold things and have used ITREFAL ASTAKHDUS but to no avail. I developed dark circles around eyes and my health has also affected.  Please tell me some medicine to remove dark circles as well. Kindly suggest a medicine which is easily available. [M. Lateef; Quetta]


No doubt it is Asthma and treatment should also be of Asthma. For the time being use SHARBAT SADAR for a week and abstain from eating cold things. Use diet no 2


My age is 18 years and I am unmarried. My problem is that I develop constipation once a month but I cannot pass the stool properly during constipation and sometimes I develop gas and now weird sounds have started coming from my stomach and i feel slight pain all the time. Since three years I have the problem of urine drops. I have become extremely weak. Sometimes I feel extreme hunger and sometimes I do not feel hungry at all. Hiccup starts after meal. My skin tone has also become pale. During periods I feel extreme pain and I become pale due to which I have to infuse injections. 3 years back I developed extreme pain on both sides of my neck as if my neck has fractured; that pain has still not cured. I lie straight and cannot sleep well. Sometimes the pain travels down in body and sometimes it moves to upper neck. I don’t discuss these problems with anyone because people take it as my delusion. Do you have the solution of my problem? [Sh; Lahore]


This is REHA BASURI. Mix one teaspoon of ISPAGHOL in one cup water and one teaspoon of honey. Drink it 2 times daily. Eat 2 tablets of HUB MAKAL before sleeping. Use this remedy for not more than 10 days. Use diet. No 1


Our problem is that hair of most people in our family grows grey too early. My mother was just 22 when her hair started growing grey, now she is 43 and her brow hair have started becoming grey. Head hair can be dyed but what can be done for eyebrow hair? Now mine and my brother’s hair have also started growing grey. I am 23 years old and a lot of my hair has turned white. They used to fall as well. I eat the jam (MURABA) of gooseberry and har but to no avail. You once wrote that there is a solution for grey hair. If so then please suggest us some effective solution? [Farrukh Bano; Qasoor]


Do not only use gooseberry. Hair becomes grey when blood’s structure becomes weak. Some fluid increase or decrease in it. Usually quantity of mucus increase in it and blood become weak. If one changes this condition of blood, hair will stop growing grey and it is quite possible that they may become black again. Use diet. No 2


My age is 24 years and I have many problems. I have oozing pimples on my face since 10 years. These pimples leave marks on skin due to which face has become ugly permanently. I used chickpea flour, made it checked by skin specialist, used medicines but to avail. Second problem is that my belly is bloated due to which it looks really bad. Whatever I eat gas is developed and I do not pass the stool for many days. Stomach has become hard. I used many packs of JAVARISH KAMONI but the result is only temporary; although I avoid gaseous food. I also have the skin disease of ring worm, and my duration of my periods is only 3 days. I develop jaundice every year. My skin has become pale. It gets cured by temporary treatments but come again next year. [G-S; Bahawalnagar]


Mix 1 oz each of ARK MAKOOH, ARK KAASNI and ARK BAADIAN and drink it three times a day. Eat vegetables, vegetable gravies and soup with ROTI. Eat papaya and write again after 15 days. Do not drink this liquid for more than 15 days. If you develop cold or weakness then stop taking this liquid solution. Use diet no 3

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