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Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

As a Muslim we are the followers of a Prophet who had great etiquettes and exemplary attitude towards non Muslims. You have read this in the previous episodes, now read the bright life of his slaves. Think. Decision is in your hands.

In Fatuh al Baladan Balazari it is given that when Samaqand was invaded, people there somehow came to know that the actual Islamic sequence of war is like this: 

First the local non Muslims will be invited by the Muslim Army to embrace Islam. If these people will not accept the invitation for Islam, they may be asked for payment of Jizyah (Penalty). If they refuses this as well, then the Muslim Army be permitted to attack that country or city of Kuffar. 

The people of Samarqand realized after a long time that the Muslim Army had captured Samarqand without invitation for Islam or payment of Jizyah. Muslims had settled there and made their houses. People of Samarqand sent a delegation to Hazar Umar Bin Abdul Aziz رحمت اللہ علیہ who is considered as one of the Khufa e Rashideen and known as the fifth Khalifa. The delegation complained that Muslims have captured Samarqand without abiding by this Sunnah and Islamic Law. 

He wrote a letter to the Qazi (Judge) that immediately upon receipt of this letter, form a court and seek witness as to when Samarqand was captured, whether this Sunnag was followed or not? If there is no proof of following of this Sunnah, Muslim Army is to immediately leave Samarqand and take position outside the city. Thereafter they should follow this Sunnah. First they should offer people of Samarqand to embrace Islam. If the same is not accepted then ask for Fibha followed by Jizyah. If these are also not accepted only then carry out Jihad. 

Upon receipt of this letter, the Qazi formed the court. Defendant was the commander of the Muslim Army. There might not be any example in the history of the world that a commander who with his sword had captured the capital of the important area of Turkmanistan, appeared as a defendant and a common person in front of the Judge.  

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