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Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

For teething children, date used as a pacifier is very effective. Remove the seed of a date and tie the date with a thread on the child’s hand for him to suckle. It will strengthen his gums and teething will occur with ease.


Healthy children reflects a healthy nation. In this backdrop if we observe the faces of developed nations, this reality will come to light that from Europe to America, and in some Asian countries, different scenes are evident depicting their mental development. In fact, these countries have attained the level of prosperity, development and supremacy due to a healthy nation. Ignoring children’s health is a criminal neglect. Today when many subordinate organizations of the World Health Organization and NGOs spread around the globe are amply striving for the mental and physical development of children, their basic objective and goal appears to be establishment of peace in the world by eradication of illiteracy and disease. It may be noted that peace can only be established in the world when everyone is blessed with health and economic development. The economic development is attained through the hands of a healthy nation and a healthy nation is formed when the health graph of its children is on the highest level. 

To maintain the health of the children, different aspects and eras are to be kept under consideration. Prominent points of the same are: 

  • Before the birth of a healthy child, his mother’s health should be enviable and she should had not faced any nutritional crisis. 
  • After birth it is very necessary to feed the child with mother’s milk. 
  • During infancy, the child should be fed with such foods which should contain all important nutritional needs and dependency on only one type of food is avoided. 
  • For the good health of a child, milk and honey in the initial five years are deemed as a guarantee for his mental and physical growth. According to the World Health Organization, in Holland, Germany and Belgium one great reason for children’s high mental capabilities is the use of honey. Hence this most important blessing of nature is getting acknowledgement as the main and mandatory diet. For this reason, companies producing food supplements and packed diets comprising of various grains, have started using it as an essential ingredient in the formulas. Since honey has calories and an excellent source of energy, it may necessarily be used in children’s foods like milk, yogurt, as jam on bread slice and in deserts. Honey is a diet comprising of safest glucose, fructose and sucrose. It contains 22% of all amino acids, 28 % minerals, 11 % enzymes, 14 % citrus and 11 % carbohydrates. Honey keeps one safe from ailments of lungs, anemia, sour throat, skin diseases and several stomach related diseases.

Treatment with yogurt     

World Health Organization and medical scientists have declared yogurt as highly effective for better growth of children. It is known as a nutritious diet in the Subcontinent whereas in Russia, Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Yugoslavia and now also in America it has been declared as a unique diet for children’s health. Yogurt is a diet which helps growth. It contains proteins, important vitamins and minerals. Such children who avoid drinking milk or those who cannot digest it or suffer from stomach’s heaviness, should be given yogurt. Furthermore, milk takes longer to get digested. If in an hour 32% milk is digested, 91% yogurt gets digested in the same time.

Immunity from contaminated diets       

Most of our mothers desire that their child becomes very healthy and attain fair complexion. Then such children are to be given yogurt and honey as desert. Children who eat contaminated food and toffees start getting worms to develop in their stomachs. Most mothers in their anxiety give them anti worm medicines to eat or drink. According to latest research, if a spponful of grated coconut is given with breakfast after which a teaspoon of castor oil is given every three hours, it will facilitate in passing of stool and the worms will be expelled out. This formula can be repeated till the time the worms are completely eliminated.

Getting rid from anti worm medicines  Carrot is also an effective diet to eliminate stomach worms. If a small cup of grated carrots is eaten in the morning, it acts as an effective anti worm diet. With this the worms are passed out quickly. At that time no other diet is to be given other than carrots.

Children’s growth with banana  For children’s excellent growth, banana is the most benefiting diet. It is the quality of banana that it gives protection to calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen amongst children. Whereas it also contains the most useful sugar that helps diets to become body element. Among fresh fruits, banana is rich in quantity of calories and constituents of lesser secretions. Although is useful for elders also, but giving it daily to children improves their health standards. For children who frequently suffer from stomach problems, banana acts as a cheap medicine.

King of nuts            

Almond, king of nuts, is such a nutritious diet for children which gives energy to body and mind. The best dietary use of almond for kids is almond milk. This milk can be obtained after grinding peeled almonds. If some boiled water or milk is added and sweetened, it becomes a flavorsome drink. In Europe yogurt is also prepared with almond milk. With 250 grams of almonds, one kilogram milk can be prepared.

Make children strong with dates           

Date is a soft and nutritious diet. In Europe different sweet foods and drinks are prepared with dates which have a status of elixir not only for the elders but also for the children. Arab people make their children strong with diets made of dates. Children who eat dates are always brave. According to Russian experts, by giving dates to children, worms do not develop in their intestines.

For teething children, date used as a pacifier is very effective. Remove the seed of a date and tie the date with a thread on the child’s hand for him to suckle. It will strengthen his gums and teething will occur with ease. Such children will not have complaint of Diarrhea as well. If paste of date and honey is given thrice a day, teething children will not have problem of tenesmus.

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