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Take Exercise! And Inhibit Mental and Nervous Disorders

Ubqari Magazine - March 2014

Hillman claims that before him people did not know that exercise imparts same benefits to brain as it does to muscles. You would have seen that exercise builds muscles. Likewise it also builds brains.

Taking exercise not only makes your muscles stronger and prevents you from cardiac-disorders but as disclosed by science it also strengthens your brain. A latest research has created hope that by taking exercise, Alzeihmer’s disease which is a nervous disorder could be warded off. Charles Hillman, a neuro-scientist has proved it with experiment that exercise is not only useful for muscles but also for brain. He subjected 259 students of a school to an experiment. He calculated their Body Mass Index BMI and subjected them to daily exercises. Most of the exercises were aerobics. It was noted that the children who were healthy and had strong physique also had sharp brains. During this research social and economic factors were also considered but Hillman concluded that it was only exercise which elevated the mental capability of the children. Science has told that it is exercise that tones physique and make people smarter. A research paper published recently is a milestone in this regard. Scientists declared that they had successfully carried out the experiments in which more nerve cells was produced in the brain. In past years, this notion had been dominant that it would be impossible to have nerve cells produced in brain. How have scientists succeeded in achieving this milestone? This has been possible due to the aerobic exercises undertook for three months.

Some scientists have also identified that rigorous exercises can strengthen the weak and old nerve cells of the brain. Their mutual connections and interlinks can be restored making brain work sharper and quicker. It has also been identified that physical activity can prevent Alzheimer’s disease - a neurotic disorder that leads to paralysis. Tension, deficiency, hyperactivity and other nervous disorders can be prevented, as well. It is proven that in any age by undertaking rigourous physical exercises a sharp and active brain can be acquired. There is no age limit for taking exercises. Scientists had always thought that rigorous physical exercise conduce sound health and active brain but they were unable to prove it. But now they have proven it scientifically.

Many years ago Western scientists discovered that exercise makes heart to pump more blood so that a remarkable quantity of blood reaches the brain and rest of the body. More blood will carry more oxygen which means that brain cells are receiving more food. Hillman believes that people did not know before this that exercise imparts the same good effects to brains as it does to rest of the organs. You would have seen that exercise can build up muscles, similarly, exercise also builds up brain.

Fuel for High-Reasoning Activity: scientists have discovered that exercise has more long-lasting and complex effects on brain which are, in fact, initiated by other organs. Every time when body is stretched while exercising, the stretched body parts excrete many chemicals which reach to brain through blood. GFONE is one of such excreted proteins. This protein assumes the role of foreman in neuro-transmitting factory of brain. Author of the book ‘Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise And The Brain’ maintains that these chemicals help brain to grow miraculoulsy and serve as fuel for all the mental activities associated with high-reasoning. Regular exercise increases the level of BDNF in body. The increased level of BDNF results such that brain cells start multiplying, broken links start connecting and cells start communicating with each other in new ways. This is the process which relates to learning and reasoning. Upon receipt of new skills the junctions between brain cells undergo significant change. BDNF makes this process possible. The brain having more quantitiy of BDNF have more tendency to acquire knowledge.

Three Months Exercise Gets You A New Brain: Most of the people have good BDNF level till their adulthood but with the passage of time their brain cells start dying. Till mid nineties, scientists were of the view that brain cannot produce new cells to compensate the defeciency created by dead cells. But experiments conducted on animals show that with the help of exercise, neuro-genesis takes place in brain. Recent research has disclosed that neuro-genesis takes place in the brains of human beings at a faster pace. Three months exercise initiate the formation of new neurons in everyone’s brain. This implies that exercise can make brain healthier and younger. This does not implicate that ageing process would stop but the situation could be far better. Scientists have found that neuro-genesis does not take place in all parts of brain but in some certain parts. Exercise equally imparts benefits to all parts of the brain. Supply of blood increases, volume of brain increases; older people may experience less inflammation where process of new cell-formation takes place. Frequencey of shocks; which silently reduces the mental capability, also get reduced. Experts say it is important for human beings to do physical activity, otherwise, our brains could not perform upto the desired level. Observaitons show that people who subject their bodies to physical exercise twice or thrice a week are, comparatively, less prone to become a victim of Alzeihmer’s disease than lazy and lerhargic people. People who take exercise may fall a prey to this disease but in later age.

Get new brain by exercising for three months.

People suffering from neurotic disorders must only pay attention to exercise.

Exercise to keep your brain always younger.

Not only body but also make your brain healthy by taking exercise.

Take exercise and curb all neurotic and nervous disorders.

Get mental swiftness as that of electricity just from exercise.


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