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The Dog & Buffalo Transformed To Humans & Fought with me

Ubqari Magazine - March 2014

(Abdul aziz)

The Jinn behave very strangely with me, when I sleep I see nude creatures. Sometimes I go to room after locking the main gate but someone opens it out of the blue.

Respected Hakim sahib! Jinn have turned our home to hell. There is constant bickering and internal strife at home. The jinn want my elder brother to kill our parents. We are always scared of the unknown. Sometimes we are sitting casually in the courtyard and suddenly there are sounds of utensils falling inside the house, when we go inside to see what has happened, there is nothing ,neither utensil, nor anything else. When water supply comes we start storing it, initially it is clean but after sometime filthy and extremely smelly water starts pouring out. It only happens at our place. The whole community has no such complaint; they get clean and clear water. The Jinn do strange things with me. When I sleep I see nude creatures. Sometimes I go to room after locking the main gate but someone opens it out of the blue. When I go out to see who is there, I see a shadow and I hear someone laughing. Many times, a lot of shadows fight with me on my bed during sleep. They punch me and when I wake up, my whole body aches. I see dreams of dogs and buffaloes running after me while I am walking down the street and then they transform to humans, hold me and torture me.

Once I saw a dream that I am sitting and chatting with my friends at their home, I noticed my look-alike watching me from their roof faraway. The face abruptly became gigantic and appeared in front me and said” what happened?” I heard this voice, screamed, felt shockwaves in my whole body and mind. When I woke I couldn’t recognize where I was, I felt like man in a trance. In a few minutes I realized I was in this world but I couldn’t hear anything. I became my usual self in a few hours.

Hakim sahib I have done Matric and I m a labourer now. I don’t like to work. Whenever I apply for a job, everything ruins at the last moment. When I work, I get sick and suffer frequently from heat stroke. I can work only 3 or 4 months a year due to fatigue and sickness .these jinn have made my life hell. I believe they will make me crazy someday. At times someone removes my clothes while I am asleep and I wake up to see my clothes in some corner of my room. I am becoming frail day by day since these demons have come into my life. My eyes have become sunken, face has become disfigured. I also feel bad smell in my urine. I am very depress and people start calling me crazy. In our house lots of hurdels, Constraints. I have shown to many peoples. They come and take away goat from me. Someone come and take money but no one can get rid of these evil Giants. what kind of giants are these, no one can stop or broke them...????. No Solution to solve this matter.

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