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Pride converted garden-like home into a Ruin

Ubqari Magazine - February 2014

[Syed M. Furqan Saeed; Karachi]

It is often heard that you will reap what you sow and it is quite right. Sometimes Allah gives the return of good and bad in our lives. May Allah help us against evil doings. We had one lady in our colony who was blessed with each and every blessing.  In a city like Karachi, she had her own house, hard-working and caring husband and healthy children. Instead of being thankful to Allah, she became very proud. She often complaint against the family members of others in the colony and behaved sarcastically. She used to criticize others’ children as they are not well-mannered and it will cause problem for their parents. In this way, the days passed. There came the time when her elder son got married and fell into drug addiction after marriage. He used to abuse her along with his wife and spent day and night in bad company. Further, her younger son was more ahead in misbehave and misdoings. He used to snatch in the streets with other bad fellows. His mother was satisfied earlier that he was bringing some money home, new car was present at home always. But she never tried to realize by which source he is bringing the money to home as she was very critical about the other’s children for their misdoings.

Many people informed that woman about the criminal acts of her son but she did not believe anyone and instead commented that they were just jealous.

One night she and all home members were sleeping when there was a knock at the door. Everyone got startled and woke up. It was inquired that who it was. The reply was, ‘police’. Police came and arrested her younger son. The mother kept shouting and starting cursing her but now it was too late. Her younger son had become a big criminal. Another boy of the colony also joined him and was killed in police raid. The mother got fed up due to his bad conduct and burnt her alive and expired. Her children are addict to drinking and other drugs. Once that home was considered house of happiness and today it has become a mark of horror.

My wife has turned my life into hell

[Hakeem M. Ashraf Saaqi]

Respected Hakeem Sahab; Assalam-0-Alaikum! I am a retired government officer and I am living a very good life. Once I was sitting in my area with my friend. Meanwhile, discussion about curse started. My friend told that he has one person in his office who got married to an illiterate woman. “Since she has come to the house, there is always fighting and disturbances amongst us. She was very fond of backbiting as she often did this in the sittings of the other women of the town. Initially, no one noticed but this issue kept on increasing. I tried to talk to her couple of times but she did not change. She was also in bad habit of quarrelling with my mother and used abusive language. In return my mother used to curse my daughters. She cursed that may our daughters get divorced. I did not realize the intensity of the curse otherwise I would had beg the pardon from my mother for the misbehavior of my wife, but later on, when my elder daughter got married to a person who was very good initially but after some time he indulged into addiction and bad company. At that time my daughter has two daughters and I suggested her to take divorce from him but she insisted that she will bring him on the right path. In this way the time went on and now she has two more daughters, but her husband was in a continuous downhill.  After all this she got divorced and now she is living with me and I am bearing all the related expenses of her and daughters. Similarly, my other two daughters also got divorced as their husband and families were fraudulent.  Then I beg pardon to God and read the Quran for my late mother soul. And now I have made my other two daughters marriage and they are in comfort. And I am taking care of my daughters and their family as Allah has helped to do so.

My wife is still the same. She is always quarreling with others.  She is pleasing with the relatives of her only & then acted as if some big pious personality has come. I am impressed with woman who serve, cook, press and look after their husbands when they are ill. But my wife is not like that. I request the reader to pray to Allah for a pious wife as a pious wife makes this world a heaven. 

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