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Secrets to a Successful Household Atmosphere

Ubqari Magazine - December 2013

Rabia Qamar; Lahore

A successful house….  Is the result of the efforts of men and women meaning husband and wife as this is the primary pillar on which the building of the house stands. God forbid, if anyone quit playing their role, then the chance of existence of the building becomes low. Thus, it is very important for the organizations to be sensitive and responsible in their duties and responsibilities. Come; let’s adopt certain resolutions acting on which a successful home could be planned.

Patience and tolerance:

The first thing that marriage life demands is the ability to be patient and tolerant if things are not going according to your own liking. You would need to put your own likes and dislikes on the side so that you can accommodate someone else’s tastes. This give and take is the building block of every successful marriage.

Being polite when you want the other person to be agreeable:

Some men and women have an assertive attitude so that the other person always feels over powered and retaliates in an equally aggressive manner. To avoid scenarios such as this one must use a polite and neutral tone and manner of speech so that the other person pays attention and understands you.

Be the first when it comes to apologizing

Be the sort of person who builds bridges and is not afraid of admitting mistakes. By not letting your ego get in the way one can save himself from a lot of unnecessary heartache.

Do not become a slave of your wishes

Always keep in mind your financial position so that you don’t step out of your bounds and pursue things at the cost of your family’s needs.

Remain content in less.

Being simple and avoiding extravagance helps you get closer to inner peace; something that helps maintain an air of contentment in the household. If you don’t get distracted by the ambition to achieve more and more, you would be able pay attention to other more important issues.

Having a balanced expenditure:

To help attain optimal efficiency in budget allocation, one must avoid excess of anything so that a negative trend of excessive consumption can be prevented.

Give time to everyone.

Each person in your family deserves your attention which means that you should allocate it well among all members. Keeping office work out of the house to spend time with family is one such example.

Do not pamper one child while ignoring the other:

Behaviour of this sort helps generate rebellious feelings within the ignored child which is yet another aspect leading to a negative atmosphere in your home. Treat every child equally with love.

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