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A Wonderful Cure for the People Suffering From Fear

Ubqari Magazine - December 2013

Now this was not understandable for people that a strong, healthy young man faces every danger without any fear very bravely. After all why is he so much fearful of the horse. The fearful young man was also not aware of the reason for this fear.

Fear is a natural state. But undue fear makes life miserable. It not only affects a single person, rather relatives also become affected by it. A woman, who used to have a lot of fear of staying home alone, has become a problem for her husband and children. Sometimes, she is making lame excuses for getting leave for her children. Sometimes the husband is being coaxed for not going to the office. The husband is also perplexed that how to leave the office every day. And if the husband goes to the office, the people start approaching from everywhere that the wife called from the home that she is not feeling well. Reach home at once. It becomes quite worrying if you have recently started going back to the office after a week’s holidays. Everything in the house is peaceful; it is just that fear has made the life miserable. On the hand in the school the teacher of the child is yelling that the child who remains absent so much that it is impossible to teach him because of that, it is rather better to keep him home. The woman is otherwise shameful and perplexed that everything is happening because of her. She tried a lot, and cursed her privately, but all in vain.

Although it sounds very easy to overcome the unjustified fear of ordinary things but no recipe works. You can explain a lot, encourage a lot. But as soon as the circumstances that cause fear appear, she started having problems instantly. All the logic fails there. Heart beat becomes faster; body starts trembling. It would sound as if she is going to die now. Some people even start screaming in such a situation. The whole body becomes sweaty. But as soon as that state goes away, she is absolutely fine.

Reasons: The question is that why does a human being become a victim of unreasonable fear? It is understandable to have fear of a dangerous thing. But the things or states that are absolutely harmless, a person becomes so fearful of them that he even shivers at times even by imagining about them. In reality our mind stores all the events like a computer. Some incidents are stored in such venues of the mind that we do not even have awareness about them. As soon as a thing or a story resembling them appears before us, the memory of the past event becomes fresh. And the emotions of happiness, fear or hatred associated with them are triggered. For example, the father of a child was extremely short tempered. As soon as the father used to arrive, a wave of fear would cross through his body. He would come on a horse. And the voice of the horse’s steps used to frighten him. This is about the time when the child was very young. His father died even when he was very small. The face of the father vanished from his mind. But the horse became a sign of fear for him. Now this was not understandable for people that a strong, healthy young man faces every danger without any fear very bravely. After all why is he so much fearful of the horse so much? The fearful young man was also not aware of the reason for this fear.

Symptoms: If such a situation surfaces due to which someone becomes fearful then a lot of distress can be developed. It becomes difficult to stay there for a few minutes. The whole body starts sweating. Some people even start screaming in such a state. Often they start crying. When this state changes which was a cause for crying, the state restores to normal. And there is no symptom of any illness.

Types of Fear: In a barren place, high place, staying alone at home, crowds, big personality, like a teacher or an officer etc. Among the kids, school, among the women: pregnancy, frog and other insects and pests. Thus, an unusual fear can develop from any such thing.

Examples of Such Illness: Raheem sahib is 41 years old. He is employed in a pharmaceutical company as a chemical engineer. He has complete grip over his work. He does not feel any difficulty during work. But whenever it comes to give a report about work, he feels a lot of fear. Especially if this report is to be presented in a meeting. At this time the body starts trembling due to fear. The legs start shivering. He feels a lot of distress. And he cannot convey his point of view to others during the meeting. As soon as his turn comes in the meeting to speak to others, the anxiety increases. On his turn he cannot speak properly due to nervousness. The heart beats so fast that the voice is heard in the ears. Anxiety starts a few days before any important meeting or conference. The fear is that how would I talk to officers. There is the fear to forget the important points that have to be said in the meeting. Raheem sahib does not feel any anxiety normally. He is married and is enjoying a happy married life. But he normally has to face problems in the office meetings and participating in negotiations due to anxiety.

Cure: In order to cure this problem all the states are completely documented that are the reason for such fear. For example, if someone is fearful of traveling with the bus, then it is learnt from him that how did the fear begin. Whether he started becoming fearful as soon as he saw the bus. If this is so then whether he feels the same level of fear that he feels while he is traveling on the bus? Normally what happens is that the patient has a low level of fear in the beginning. But as soon as he approaches the bus, he starts becoming more fearful. Or there is not as much fear in seeing the bus as much as is while traveling in it. Thus, the fear that is there merely due to seeing the bus from a distance can be labeled as an initial level of fear and in the beginning it will be tried to cure just that. For this the doctor will take the patient to that place from where the bus can be seen. By doing this the initial level of fear can be removed. And then in the next step the patient can be taken near the bus and gradually the fear of traveling in the bus can be removed perpetually.

Often, it is not possible for the doctor to go with the patient. In such a state the patient is given a tranquilizer of hypnotized to bring him in a relaxed state and asked to imagine about the situation that has the lowest level of fear for him. Then gradually the severe type of fear is removed.

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