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Special and tested Articles from the Readers

Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

Special present for Ubqari Readers:

(Ayesha Hamid, Islamabad)

Respected Hakeem Sahab; you asked us to write our experiences regarding Ubqari as they are given by Ubqari. I am stating below my experiment related to Ubqari Wazaif, and hope that many people will benefit from it.

Wazifa for increasing Rizq: This wazifa was given to my sister by her College teacher. This is also tried by me and is very effective. I was in search of a job those days. I did this wazifa and found a very good job with good salary. However I have left my job after marriage. The wazifa is as follows: Take 250g of both Sugar and rice. Grind them and mix them together. You need to feed this to black ants (keeray) for 40 days continuously. It can be done any time of the day. There is no restriction for time, however continue it daily without any interval for 40 days. These ants are very commonly found everywhere. They are slightly bigger than ants, however small ants can also eat the mixture of rice and sugar. This amal is very effective for increment of Rizq.  If the mixture finishes before 40 days, you may make it again in order to complete the duration of this amal.

Effective Remedy for Kidney Stone and swelling: This medicine was used by my mother as she was suffering from Kidney stones and swelling in her hands and feet. So someone recommended this remedy which was very effective.

  • Horse gram (kulthi ki daal)
  • Corn hair (Challi ke baal)
  • Dried melon peel (Kharboozey ke chilkey)

Above mentioned ingredients to be taken in equal quantities and should be boiled in 6 kg of water. When 3 kg water is left after boiling, cool it down. This should be taken daily one or two glass for few days.

If you taken 3 to 4  melon peel, then rest of the ingredients should be of equal quantities and same weight. If you do not get melon peel then you may take melon seeds.

The amazing result of Anmol Khazana No-2: When my younger son started his school, were facing the problem of his pick and drop to school. I had to drop him to school every day which was very difficult for me. He was admitted to play group and his timing was different than other classes and that is why no van driver agreed to provide this service because of the timings. I had to personally drop him to school and it was difficult for me due to other responsibilities at home. I started reading Anmol Khazana No 2 so that Allah would provide us help regarding his transportation service. I was so surprised that the day when I started reading Anmol Khanaza 100 times, his van pick and drop was arranged in the evening. I was so happy that due to reading Anmol Khazana, Allah helps His people in the time of need. Readers, I have stated my experience for all of you. I hope that you will also benefit from it. May Allah accept all our good deeds. Do remember me and Ubqari team in your prayers.

Headache, Cold & flu will vanish:

[Naseer Ahmad; Abbotabad]

Long time back, an old Homepathic doctor came to our town and rented a house. We have many patients with Headache and Stomach problems in our area as they either loune around after eating and do not have any activity. They do not prefer any physical activity or walk. They consider hard work as the duty of only poor people.  Homepathic doctor came to spend his summer vacations here from Punjab.  People heard about his effective headache medicine that he cures in moments.  Housewives are mostly affected with headaches and are the most effective source of spreading news as well. I also got to know about this and decided to meet him. My wife also complains of headache. I met the Homeopathic doctor; he was an old and sleek man.  He used to sell one bottle in 10 Rupees. I also bought a bottle. Really it was very effective, Just smell it, sneeze few times and the headaches is gone.

I went again to him. The place was crowded with patients; especially ladies. I got my turn after long time. I told him that I had come to thank you and to invite you for Dinner today and stay over at my house.  He refused softly but agreed after my insisting and came home for dinner.  We had dinner together and had tea after that. I also asked for some assistance for some remedies that I used to follow; showed him few books. I told him that his remedy for headache was very effective that works when you smell it. I asked him what the magic in that small bottle is. He said nothing very special, your love and respect has forced me to tell you the formula. He said that although the cost is Rs. 10 but I earn million from it. My expenses meet up due to it. If I give the formula to everyone, who will buy it from me? However he gave me the formula which is as follows:

Naushadar (Sal Ammoniac) - 1 tola

Kafoor- 1 Masha (if both things are in equal quantity, it is better)

Method: Powder the above mentioned ingredients separately. Then add it in a bottle and seal the cape. And mix it very well.

Usage: Patients suffering from Cold and flu and headache has to smell soon after the bottle is shaken. And close the cap of the bottle after that. The bottle should be shook well before you smell it. The bottle should never be kept open. He also mentioned that the best quality Naushadar comes from China and can be found in any pharmacy for Rs. 6. I was very happy. I made the medicine and distributed it to many for free of cost.

He also had white pills which were all same and white. Some of them were also covered with silver paper. He used to prescribe them for different diseases to be taken in different ways. He said these were wax balls. He had given me the method for those as well but unfortunately I lost the paper on which I had written. The above mentioned remedy has been also mentioned by Hakim Mohammad Abdulla Sahab in one of his book, “Kinz-ul-Mujarabat”. He was a very good Hakeem with no traces of being miser. May Allah bless his soul with peace.  Ameen.

Bees wax: The bees wax to be mixed with Heeng and should be taken with Hot water. People suffering with Kidney pain can take this and will be very effective. Take the medicine again after 15 minute. Take 2-3 medicine in the same way. My wife has benefited from it a lot. I am making this medicine since 25 years.

Save yourself from Jinnaat with Surah Rehman

[Tahire Mehmood; Arif Wala]

Respected Hakim Sahab. I had complains of Jinnat from so many years. I had gone to many Aalims for treatment who gave me different patterns on papers (naqsh) to drink and amulets to wear. But nothing was very effective. Then I went to an Aamil in Lahore who advised me to read Surah Jinn after Ishaa prayer daily. Which was very effective. Second amal was to read Surah Rehman with Surah Fatiha. The manner of reading this surah is mentioned below:

When you start reading Surah Rehman, and you some across the following verse;

فَبِاَیِّ اٰلَآءِ رَبِّکُمَا تُکَذِّبَانِ

Then you should read Surah Fatiha with Bismillah and you should say three times the following verse:

اِیَّاکَ نَعْبُدُ وَ اِیَّاکَ نَسْتَعِیْنُ 

This is the method to recite the whole Surah Rehman. Respected Hakim Sahab, I cannot explain how effective this was for me. I had problems of jinnat from 15 years. I also read Ayat kursi 141 times for 40 days and Kalma 33 times daily for 40 days. It also benefitted me a lot.

Remedy for any sort of allergy:

[Ghazala Sher Ali; Sharaqpur Sharif]

If you have itching in the body; or any sort of allergy in body such as hivers etc. The remedy is mentioned below. Use these two remedies for seven days. InshAllah your allergy will be cured. This remedy is given by Hakim Ashar Sahab. Who every uses this remedy should pray for him and all Muslim Ummat.

Remedy No 1: Make 2 cup tea by adding mint leaves and 5-7 green cardamoms. Add sugar & drink this warm on an empty stomach and in evening when the stomach is empty. Use natural sugar.

Remedy No 2:  Take 1 spoons of ‘Toot Siah Syrup’ three times daily.

Remedy for Trachoma or Eye pimples:

Made your own Surma (Kohl) to treat Eye pimples.

Method: taken 2 Kg Gooseberry and boil it in 1kg water. When ¼ of water is remaining then sieve out the Gooseberry material and Seeds. Boil the water until it becomes high consistency. Sieve it with a cloth and keep it. Add this in your eyes while at night before sleeping. InshAllah your eye pimples will be cured.

Priceless Remedy for Jaundice:

  • ست گلو Sat Gullo- 20 Gms
  • طباشیر Tabasheer- 20 Gmgs
  • ست پودینہ Sat Podina- 5 gms
  • چھوٹی الائچی Small Cardamom- 20 gms
  • کوزہ مصری Koza Misri- as equal weight of all these.

Grind all these ingredients. Take this medicine in the morning. Don’t eat anything after lunch and then take this medicine after Asar prayer. Adults to take 1 Teaspoon and children to take ½ tea spoon.  Take this medicine with water-milk during winter and with milk-soda or kachi lassi during summer. It is also effective in fever and good for eyes.

Strange Example of the World:

Imam Ghazali (R.A) has explained this in a very nice way. He narrated that once a lion followed a man. The man saw a well in front of him; he jumped into the well thinking that when the lion goes away, he will come out of the well. In the well he saw a Black snake on top of the water; he saw the grass on the wall of the well. He thought that he will hang by the help of grass so that he is safe from the lion outside the well and safe from the snake inside the water. Suddenly he noticed that a white & a black mouse is cutting the grass. He was worried; when he looked around he saw Honey bees house (Hives). There were no bees, and it was full of honey. He was distracted from everything, the lion, snake, and mouse; and got busy in eating honey. So what will be the result of such person? My friend, your example is also like that man. The angel of death is the lion. The punishment of grave is equivalent to snake. The black and white mouse is your day and night. The grass is your life which is being eaten by the mouse. The worldly joy is like honey, where you are busy enjoying it and you are unaware of your ending. In reality, mankind enjoys the worldly joy and forgets Allah. Someone is busy is food, drinks, money, and fame. These things never allow the mankind to remember its ending. That is why when you intend to leave the world, you intend to leave the joy linked to it.

Heart is categorized into four types:

  1. Once is clear heart which shines like a sparkling light.
  2. Second is the heart which is polluted by a cover.
  3. Third is the Heart which are opposites.
  4. Fourth heart is the combination Heart

The first heart is the heart of pious person; Second heart is the heart of Non Muslim which is covered. Third heart is the heart of Hypocrite who knows but refuses to follow.  Fourth heart is the heart of Hypocrite who has both faith and disobedience. Faith is just like the green grass which is growing continuously with the pure water. Hypocrisy is just like Abcess which is filled with puss and blood and that keeps spreading. The material which increases becomes dominant. The authenticity of this hades is strong. [Tafsir Ibn-Kathir]

One of a pious person has mentioned to feel ashamed & then recite istaghfar so that your heart is cleaned. Then recite Durood Sharif with love & affection so that our body is immersed in the love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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