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Miraculous benefits of Peas, Carrot, Fenugreek & Mustard Leaves

Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

[Masood Ahmad; Jhelum]

Winter season is known for its food. It brings different types of vegetables which are very beneficial. Some vegetable including Carrot, Turnip and lettuce if eaten raw are good to cure the iron deficiency in the body, have fair and clear skin. In fact every vegetable gives us nutritional benefits. They have lot of benefits in them.

Peas: Peas seems to be just small green balls packed in green cover. But it has lot of benefits when it is consumed. Peas make your body organs strong.  It cures the deficiency of Protein and iron.  It not only increases the blood but also purifies it. It is also beneficial for weak people.  The body gets strength after eating them.  Peas also cure constipation, makes the liver strong, and softens the intestine. It aids in urinating. If it is consumed in a balanced diet in winter, it is a great vegetable.

Carrot: It helps in increasing the Red blood cells in our blood. It is often called as the apple of Poor people. Carrot helps in Organ’s weakness, mental pressure, and improves the memory. The phosphorus present in carrot is very useful for body organ and mental health. It also improves the eye sight. Any problem in relation to vision and eye can be cured by consuming carrot. In fact, one carrot a day is good for the eyes. Eye sight improves with the consumption of carrot regularly. The Vitamin A present in carrot is helpful for any eye related problems.  It is also helpful for the functioning of kidney. It aids in the excretion on waste from Kidney.  Carrot juice also cure the deficiency of water in a very short time. Carrot is very useful for kidney problems. Gajrella, which is a sweet made from carrot is very famous during winter season; it is the favorite dish of everyone. It is also very helpful for any winter season related diseases.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek plant itself is a cure for many diseases. It was considered a cure for all diseases in Rome and it was used in treating many problems. Fenugreek leaves are used for the treatment of Stomach related problem whereas its seeds are used to treat the swelling developed in the digestive tract in the body. Researches have proved that Fenugreek tea works like quinine; aids in sweating thus helps in reducing the body temperature in fever. It is also very effective in reducing the swelling of throat. The effective use of Fenugreek is for diabetic patients. If fenugreek seeds are dipped in water over night and their water is drunk in the morning, it aids in balancing the sugar level in blood. Fenugreek aids in hunger. It cures indigestion, urinating problem, back ache and liver pain, gives strength to body organs. People suffering from cough and asthma are often givens it tea. Fenugreek should be consumed in winter season.

Kulfa (Purslane Leaves):  This vegetable is often known as Kulfa Saag. It is very effective for Liver related problem. Applying the juice of its stems on body helps in curing the pimples present due to heat, and the burning effect on hands and feet. Apart from Purslane leaves, Spinach and mustard leaves are also consumed during winter season.  Nature has gifted us with a variety of colorful vegetables which are very beneficial for our body and health. Winter season brings best and fresh vegetables so eat vegetables and stay healthy.

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