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Women inquire?

Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

This page is donated to the diurnal, familial and personal problems of women. Women should definitely write about the daily observations and experiences, moreover write completely and clearly on one side of the page even if it is unorganized.

Sore throat

Phlegm has congested my chest due to which my throat remains itchy. My speech also gets stuck in my throat. Due to excessive coughing, there is a constant noise in my ears. Please advise me on getting relief from phlegm. Now I freak out even while talking at home. My speech discontinues while talking and everyone makes fun of it. [Saira; Lahore]

Advice: You have not mentioned your age. However, bring some kalonji (nigella seeds) from the market, but remember that they resemble onion seeds. Nigella seeds are thick from the bottom, black and triangular in shape whereas onion seeds are not black. Grind two ounce of it and preserve it. Boil half tea spoon of it in a cup of water like tea. After it boils, simmer it. Strain and drink after 2 minutes. This tea is very effective for getting rid of every type of chronic mucus. Phlegm will start discharging in a few days. Your throat will heal and discontinuation of speech shall be regained too. Do this for 15-20 days but you can continue this for 2-4 days if required. Noise in ears shall finish gradually too. Heat a spoon of these seeds in 10 spoons of olive oil on slow flame. Take off heat after 5 minutes. It will change its color. Strain through a muslin cloth and preserve in a bottle. You can apply it in your ears and nostrils as well before going to bed. Use it occasionally. It cures the ailments of ears and nose, generated due to flu.

Bull’s Eye Prescription For Weak Eye-Sight:

Some time back, I started suffering from severe headache and pain in my eyes. I couldn’t even read anymore. For this I grinded 250g each of almonds, aniseeds and candy sugar (misri) in equal proportion and had a spoon of it twice a day, which really worked and all my ailments got cured. Two of my sons also had the same problem while studying. My son, who was preparing for M.A. also started suffering through the same problem. He used to tie his head whole studying. This was really depressing. I applied the same formula and only after three days his condition improved. He got rid of tying head and studied relaxed. My other son who wanted to become a hafiz-e-Quran. For this, when he started going to the Islamic school he also faced the problem of headache and started wearing spectacles. Many doctors treated him but in vain. Frustrated, I made the same mixture to him. He stopped complaining about his vision and headache. Instead, his digestion improved and appetite increased too. [Sajida Bibi; Karachi]

Advice: All the things you used in this mixture are very effective for sharp mind and sight. You can also add some more things but even this is enough.

Permanent Color:

I have a 2-year diploma of home management from a vocational college. There I learned fabric dyeing. I dyed 3-4 scarves but the color usually fades after a wash. Kindly tell me how to make the colors permanent and inform me if there is any book available in the market. [Ayesha]

Advice: For this, you must consult your institute because usually the dyers keep certain chemicals with them which make the colors sharp and permanent. For example, they use phenyl balls for dyeing nylon fabrics. They also soak the scarves in salt-water for some time. For further information, consult your college and your seniors as they will inform you well.

Regretting Divorce:

I left my home due to my husband’s bad behavior. I left one of my daughters with him and brought one with me. He waited for me for 3 years and then sent me divorce papers. I have suffered so much in these 7 years that now I regret on my decision. My parents rejected the proposals which my brother-in-law brought for me. My family has no time for me. I just keep doing work. I miss my 11-year daughter a lot. Her 9-year old sister also misses her so much. Please advise me what to do? I want to go back. [Shumaila; Rawalpindi]

Advice: Shumaila Bibi! I have advised many girls to compromise and pray to Allah for a better life instead of leaving their husband’s home. Women, who leave, destroy themselves and always remain helpless. Once I surveyed on this topic for a newspaper. I visited many welfare centers. All such women always regretted that why did they leave their in-laws house. They lost their children and faced dishonor at their parent’s house also.

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