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Death of a person worse than dog who called his mother a bitch

Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

[Malik Abdul Gaffar Nadeem, Muzaffargarh)]

There is a saying that as you sow so shall you reap. If someone oppresses someone today, he will be oppressed tomorrow. I am providing two such incidents for readers of Ubqari. It was 2000. I had to go to doctor early morning because my cow was ill. Opposite to dispensary there was a shop made up of wood. Allah Bachaya Mallah was owner of it and there he use to repair audio cassettes, tapes, VCR and speakers. He was good smith due to which most of the people came to him. I was sitting on chair outside dispensary and suddenly I heard a crying voice of a women from shop of Allah Bachaya. When I went near the shop I saw an old lady crying and requesting Allah Bachaya that: “Please have mercy on me; don’t get angry on me, I hold my hands in front of you, listen my request carefully. I have woken up early morning and come to you. I don’t have anyone else in this world except you; please think about me, Allah will definitely reward you for this. I am your mother, if you don’t understand then I remind you of those days when you were a child. I looked after you and now you are young. For God sake have pity on your old mother, do not listen to your wife and do not kick me out from the house. Your wife dint give me anything to eat since two days and always ask me to get out of the house. Son, tell me where should I go in this old age and who will let keep me.”

Like me, many other people also gathered due to the crying of that old lady. May be other were also feeling sorry. Now our attention was on Allah Bachaya, who was listening to all this with his head down. When she became silent, Allah Bachaya raised his head and opposite to our thinking he started abusing. He was so angry as if he would kill her. People gathered there & asked Allah Bachaya is she your mother? Abusing your mother is such audacity but he dint listen anyone and said to her, “Get lost; you bitch.Old mother left from there crying. I don’t know about others but I felt very sorry about this. Even after trying I couldn’t found what happened to her. Days passed on and Allah Bachaya started other wrong businesses such as selling drugs with his existing business.

He got on peak and became famous. On morning of April 2011 I guess it was same time at which his mother was crying, Allah Bachaya was coming back to Wasindwali after having drugs. He was driving the motorcycle and his friend was sitting on the back. Due to over speeding and drugs they had an accident with the trailer. His friend got seriously injured and died in Multan Hospital but Allah Bachaya got crushed under the wheels of Trailer and his body got minced.

Helpless mother who died in washroom: An old mother who was very ill came to my cousin. (due to some reason I cannot write name). Tears starting flowing from her eyes. She said: “No one is willing to keep me in the house; please request my son to keep me in some corner of his home.” Her elder son died and his children are very successful now. The eldest grandchild has business in Dubai. Other two grand-child also became well-established businessmen after completing their studies. Her husband died long time ago. Masha Allah, the children of his alive son are also very successful due to education but they are also not accepting her. That old mother was living with her daughter until she was doing household work for her, but she also refused to keep her at home when the old lady broke her own leg bone due to a fall. She then went to the home of other daughter but her family member also refused to keep her by saying that go to your children who you fed till now. After being refused by her third daughter, she came to my cousin and asked him to request her son to keep her with him. My cousin asked him but he refused so she went to her daughter again & joined hands in front of her daughter and she kept her in the barn, with no medication and no one came to ask her for anything. One day she went to washroom and after 2-3 hours her daughter passed nearby and saw that her mother was lying dead in washroom. She shouted and gathered the neighbors and moved her dead body out of the washroom.

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