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Strange Tip of winters; Strange Marvels

Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

I say this with confidence that constant experiments have proved this medicine very beneficial and remarkable. People incurring physical and mental efforts should attain maximum benefits. Although it is effective in all seasons but specially during winters, it has strange benefits and marvels.

The weather changed its trend and so does the situation & diets change. In the current times, when the diet are polluted as well as the medicines then how long shall the bodies function? Human body is a body after all; a collection of bones and flesh.  Irons scrubs and so does a stone. I was climbing the stairs of a building. The marble on the stairs was scrubbed. I instantly realized that even stone erodes away. Humans stay mobile throughout the day so doesn’t the human body scrubs? You must have seen that iron floors of few buses/coaches have scrubbed and become slippery. The reason for that is the friction by feet. Same is the case with our body. We need to search for pure diets and medicines for our body otherwise the movement of our body and the feelings of our mobile body shall erode our inner organs.

I make utmost efforts to ask about observations and experiences from all acquaintances. I always consider myself a student. A sincere companion shared this prescription during a journey. Then I gave it to many people to use. Even though, the thing was tested earlier too but the post-experimenting added barkat to it. Start using this tonic at the beginning of winters. What is this tonic? Actually, those people who are suffering through mental weakness, muscular pull, nervous pressure, or those people who make mental efforts day and night or do mental work and have no minute to spare, or those people who are at the top for physical efforts; are an athlete, wrestler, laborer, heavy-weight champions, in the business of wood or construction, runner, doing exercise, attending gym or doing physical effort for fitness – it is a strange medicine and diet for all such people. Really! According to my repeated experiments, it is an effective thing.

I shall warmly invite the readers to use this medicine this winters and do use it. It is equally beneficial for both people living in the mountainous areas or the plains. Decrease the dosage and give it to your children as well as even its small dose becomes a mean of health and fitness in the children. It is very effective and beneficial for all ages ranging from 3 till 100. You cannot imagine its benefits.

Readers! Different tonics are available in different colors and presentable packing; some also have foreign stamps on them. You use them. I am satisfied; please continue using them. BUT I shall say one thing; is home-made food more beneficial or the food from outside in which harmful chemicals are added to give presentable taste. When you eat such food, then you are aware of the harms to the stomach, liver, heart-diseases and ailments of the muscles.

Readers! These small gimmicks are very beneficial at times which are beyond a common man’s thinking. Come! Let me share few of its benefits:

I had recently heard this prescription when a patient was brought to me. His heart, brain and muscles were weak. It was difficult for him to walk. Physical and mental weakness was not supporting him. I asked him to use this prescription regularly for 3-months. I ordered him to use it punctually, with complete faith. Readers will you believe it; the use of this medicine benefitted him so much which you can’t imagine. Only after a month and a half, I was delivered message by that patient that, “A new life has emerged in my body. I was carrying a lifeless body; it has become living and healthy.”

A female was constantly worried due to domestic turmoil and her worries reached so much that her leg weakened. Everyone said that it is paralysis but clearly, it was not paralysis. The senses of that area had weakened due to mental stress and tension. I gave the same prescription to that woman. She used it religiously for few weeks and felt such an amazing result that she herself was surprised.

A child aged 9-10 years was brought to me. His parents complained, “He cannot handle his back. Although he walks but at times he falls while walking. His health is deteriorating; his diet does not show on him, there is no energy in his legs, no energy in his back. The level of his crankiness is very high and is increasing.” I asked them to use the same medicine. Although he did not use the medicine punctually and incurred neglect but even then the child benefitted. When they consulted me again, I advised them to continue it more religiously. On following my advice, a remarkable difference was noticed. Powerful legs, strong back, strong vertebra, his walking became smooth and restored. The boy started taking steps towards the journey of health & fitness.

Such women who suffer through backache, leg-pain or whose body or a part becomes numb, they feel worried and are at constant unrest – this formula is very beneficial and remarkable for all such women. So, if you use this medicine with complete trust and attention and bring this medicine with complete faith then I say this with confidence that constant experiments have proved this medicine very beneficial and remarkable. People incurring physical and mental efforts should attain maximum benefits. Although it is effective in all seasons but specially during winters, it has strange benefits and marvels.

I have shared its benefits very briefly. When you will use it, such benefits shall be revealed to you which you can’t imagine given the condition that use this medicine with complete faith for some time regularly. Do not haste as the body is hollow from inside due to eating artificial diets. Take original and natural diet and medicines. Insha Allah, your body will be attentive towards complete energy and strength.

Prescription: Munaqqa (Big raisin). Deseed it. Add honey in equal ratio. Grind it well. Either make balls or preserve it in paste form.

Dosage: ½ spoons; 3 times a day or 2 times a day OR 1 spoon; 3 times a day.

It can be taken along water but if taken with luke-warm milk, then its benefits increase 100 to 1000 times. If you prepare & preserve it, it does not rot. No need to refrigerate it. Readers! Tell me… Such a cheap and easy thing but such remarkable benefits. Make it and do not forget to write its benefits to me.

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