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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.


Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

Those who request an answer to their letters should add an envelope with their address clearly written on it so that an answer can be sent back. Without this envelope an answer would not be given. Glue or tape should not be extra nor should the letters be stapled. Privacy would be taken care of. Address of the house and city should be explicitly written. Note: Eat only that which has been prescribed for you. Also write precisely so that a quick answer could be given.

Get a physical check-up: I suffer from a disease for 1 month now. My hands sweat a lot and small pimples appear on it as well which irritate me to the extent of scratching them. These pimples spread as well. Kindly recommend me some medicine—[ain-Bahawalpur]

Advice: Obtain a physical diagnosis of your condition to confirm whether this is some sort of rash or Eczema. It is advised that you get yourself checked by a good doctor. Boil neem leaves in water and use this water to wash your hands 2 times a day. And you should use the cream marham sakoon and khoon safa consistently for good results. Use number 1 diet plan

Hole in ear drum: I am a student of class 7; 13 yrs. old. I am obese and have holes in my ear drum since childhood. I have spent a lot of money on both these problems. My right ear is better but pus flows out of my left ear. Doctors suggest operation but I am scared of it. When I sit down to study, I can’t concentrate and learn things quickly. I am considered amongst the brighter students of my class but I wish for a position too. My neck is very dark in comparison to my face. Also suggest something to make my face glow as well as make my hair healthy and longer. Also suggest something to improve my vision because my eyes hurt when I study. (Nazia, Karachi)

Advice: Use johar shifa-e madina, satar shifaain, kaan shifa consistently. Place cotton within your ears to keep them out of contact from water and air. For hair, use tibbe nabwi hair oil. Do not use milk, sour or cold foods. Use diet plan three.

Body aches: I am 20 yrs. old. For nearly one year now, I am suffering from stomach ache. Earlier this problem started and my stomach used to hurt all the time. From endoscopy, doctors came to know that here is some swelling on my stomach. The ache sometimes is within the lower part of my belly. There is a constant burning sensation too within my stomach which starts almost an hour after I eat anything. Medicines don’t seem to work for me. I am very tense because of this. Also I am unmarried and depressed. Gas also builds up. I am very thin and my weight is only 45 kg. Weakness is increasing. I stay hungry but can’t eat anything. Kindly please help me since I am about to get married soon. (Arfa; Mirpur)

Advice: You should use johar shifa madina, thandi marad, sattar shifaain. Eat his 5 times a day. Drink pure Arq Badian one teaspoon after meal 3 times a day. After 3 months write again, Meanwhile, keep your blood pressure in control. Use diet plan one.

Can my hair become black again? I am 17 years old. My hair are becoming white since past 3-4 years and are quite white now devoid of any shine. My brothers have a similar problem. Kindly give me some good advice or medicine so that my hair becomes black again; if not forever then at least for some time. Suggest some medicine through which my hairs stay black, (Aashiq Khan, Peshawar)

Advice: You should first get rid of the causes that lead to your hair becoming white. Lack of substantial blood in the body, tension or lack of any nutrition often causes this problem. Take care to fulfil these requirements. After that, write again so that you can be given some medicine. Use diet plan 2.

I suffer from indigestion. Indigestion and gas are my main problems. A doctor prescroibed medicine for fever after which I got loose motions as a side reaction which went on for 2 months. It’s not that bad now but I still get indigestion quite frequently. I get headaches too and sometimes they are very bothersome which people say is due to gas. Medicine to cure gas helps for some days but the condition becomes the same again. I also have flu all the time that leads to throat ache and I am not able to breathe properly. If I try to concentrate then my eyes start to burn as well and there is a constant ache in my legs that disturbs me a lot. Blood pressure also stays low. Kindly please advise me and solve my problem. [Maria; Gujrat]

Advice: Attend to motions at first. Avoid all those foods that you think lead to indigestion. Use Islah maadah course and sattar shifaain consistently. Your head and body aches are due to weakness. Write again after 20 days. Use diet plan 3.

You are suffering from Haemorrhoids (Piles). I have a problem related to my stomach including all such problems of stomach ache and gas. I have used phakki too as well as Harh ka muraba and isphagol which have helped me only for a short time. Gas builds up a lot. I drink warm milk too in evening or prior to sleep but complain of gas does not cure completely. I now suffer from piles and that too with blood. I eat roti with ghee at time. Earlier I used to eat whatever rest of the family members ate but now I am cautious due to my problem. My legs hurt a lot too and I always feel like lying down and being pressed but this is a routine complaint now. I have small pimples too around my rectum which sometimes lessen and sometimes increase. Due to those, my stomach hurts. Can I drink warm milk in this condition? I eat very little rice and meaty meals. I do not eat mutton, chicken at all. Please recommend me both; medicine as well as my diet. (Ishrat, Bannu)

Advice: You should address this condition of yours related to piles. Use finest quality of almonds, pure butter, honey, halwa of almonds. Also eat mangoes and grapes. Use piles course of Ubqari. Drink milk too. Use sattar shifaain 5 times a day. After 1 month write again.

Urinary Tract Infection: I am 21 years old and unmarried. My problem is that some time back I had a lot of pimples on my face. I consulted a nearby Hakeem who recommended me to use gond katirah by soaking it overnight in milk and then eaten first thing in the morning. This helped me get rid of the pimples but the problem of urination started soon after. Urine is very dark yellow with burning sensation. Doctor’s injections and medicines have helped for a little while only. I contacted the Hakeem again. He diagnosed gonorrhoea and started the treatment. It also helped me only temporarily although I was very cautious and religiously followed it for 3 months. Now the problem is back since few days. I hear water in my stomach just below my belly-button. I got myself tested the results of which I have attached for your review. A sharp pain also disturbs me that originate from near the waist which goes below. Indigestion and constipation bother me as well. Sometimes the pain vanishes but at times I do not pass stool for even 3 days. Even if I excrete, it not a complete release. I get less urine even after drinking water. While moving about, my eyes blackout and my heartbeat increase. I am a shopkeeper by profession. (Mukhtar Khan; Saadiq Abad)

Advice: Your report suggests that there is a lot of pus in your urine. Use johar shifa madina,    thandi marad,sattar shifaain,hazam khaas day and night. Drink 2 oz fine Arq Badian after meal. Also drink shoraba of vegetables; you can eat roti. Eat seasonal fruits. In their respective seasons, eat kharbooza, garma and sarda excessively. For constipation, eat Qabz Kusha tablets. Use diet plan one.

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