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Easy Methods for Staying Safe From Itch, Psoriasis and Herpes

Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

Dr. Tariq Rasheed

The patient of psoriasis should never use such a soap which dries the skin more. Such soap that is anti-bacteria or the ones which remove the germs should not be used at all because in their use there is a great chance of increasing the illness.

The skin is the most important and apparent organ of the human body. According to the weight it is only a sixteenth part of the whole body. One of its important functions is to protect the body from external factors such as severity of sunlight, heat, and extreme cold or to protect from various types of germs. During the summer extreme perspiration keeps the body temperature moderate whereas in winters the blood veins present in the skin contract due to which the process of sweating stops. And the fat present in the third layer of the human skin protects from the deleterious effects of cold. We should keep this thing in mind that on one hand where human skin protects the human beings from weather effects, at the same time one can contract different illnesses in particular weathers. These days it is winter, so in this weather not only certain skin diseases are numerous, rather their severity also increases to a tormenting extent.

During winters, some skin diseases acquire severity due to their nature. It is important to obtain important information about them so that we can save ourselves from them.

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a special type of skin allergy which occurs due to various reasons. Rubber, plastic, alloys, specially different types of washing soaps, makeup, chemicals that are used to dye the hair, perfumes, different types of shoes, gloves, cement etc. There are thousands of such things that can cause psoriasis. This illness can also happen due to hereditary reasons. The important symptoms of this illness are itch, roughness, and dryness, darkness of the affected area of skin, and thickening of the skin like leather.

During the winter due to dryness of the weather the skin becomes more dry and rough. As soon as the skin would dry, the chances of contracting psoriasis increase. And the level of itch increases a lot. When this illness affects the children then not only they but the parents also start getting affected. Rather, sleep of the children also gets affected. The child rubs his skin for the whole night. If proper treatment is not taken, the illness can prove to be dangerous.

Safety Precautions: It is very important to keep the skin soft and oily. Vaseline should be used many times in a day. If before applying Vaseline, the skin is softened a little bit before then it would be more beneficial. It is very beneficial to apply immediately after taking bath. Other than Vaseline, mustard oil, glycerin, and rose extract should be blended in equal amounts and then applied. It is very beneficial to bathe with lukewarm water. Immediately after bathing it is extremely beneficial to apply oil on the dry skin. The patient of psoriasis should always wear dress made of cotton. If woolen clothes have to be worn then wear cotton first and then wear woolen clothes over it.

The patient of psoriasis should never use such soaps that dry the skin. Such soaps that dry the skin those which eliminate the germs should never be used because due to the use of such soaps there is a bright chance of increasing psoriasis. Among us, in every skin disease anti-germ soaps are used a lot. This is a dangerous trend. Its use should only be done according to the advice of dermatologist. Such soaps in which oil is blended are better. Do not turn on the heater in the room. Explain to your mind again and again that it is an ordinary itch and that it will go in a short while. Do not start the itch. It enhances psoriasis. This is extremely important. The mind of such a patient gets addicted to itching. This addiction has to be finished.

Tearing of Heels: This is a very common problem. During the winter the skin of the foot becomes extremely soft. Due to which deep wounds develop on heels. And walking becomes difficult.
Safety Precautions: Wear soft shoes. Do not use high heels. Dip your feels at least thrice a day in lukewarm water for 5 minutes each time. On the damp skin apply liquid paraffin and white jelly by blending together equal amounts of them. Till the time the heels do not heal put a pad of wool on the affected area and apply bandage and walk by wearing socks. When the heels become better, they might not be needed. If heels develop deep wounds then consult an expert dermatologist.

Contagious Itch: Itch takes form of an epidemic during the winter. This should be kept in mind that every itch is not contagious. Itch can also happen due to psoriasis, due to biting of insects, disorder of liver and kidneys, due to usage of various diseases etc. Contagious itch happens due to a germ, the important symptoms of which are as follows. Extreme itch, that increases at night. The people who live together can catch it from each other. Within the skin between hands and fingers, on the sides of finger, wrist, elbow, armpits, chest and belly, genital organs, and feet specially get affected by it. Safety Precautions: As soon as you contract the illness of itch, show to a doctor. Due to treatment of the skin not only does the patient heal, the illness is not contracted by others. If timely cure is not applied, then all the people living in one place get affected by it. It must be made clear that contagious itch is the worst type of itch that affects all the people who live together. Like this, one house, colony, school, hostel, and many people who live together become affected by this illness. The cause of the illness is a small insect. It spreads more during winter. And it spreads due to direct contact with each other or due to filthy clothes.

Fungus of the Feet: During winters, one wears shoes and socks from morning till evening. Due to this the, germs of fungus are produced and they get nourishment. Symptoms: Severe itch remains on the skin between fingers of the feet. The affected area becomes dry and wounds start to develop. By not getting proper medication these germs of fungus spread on other parts of the body. Precautions: Keep the feet dry. Wash the feet at least five to six times during the day by taking the shoes and socks off. Then dry them properly.

Swelling of the Fingers of Hands and Feet and Their Turning Blue: Fingers of hands & feet of some people become red and they swell. It aches a lot. After that the affected area starts becoming blue. This happens due to the sensitivity of blood veins in the winter. Precautions: Dip your hands or feet for at least 5 minutes during the day. Wear woolen gloves and socks. Keep your hands and feet safe from cold air and cold water at all cost.


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