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Your Dreams and their interpretation

Ubqari Magazine - October 2013

Your wish will be fulfilled

Dream: I saw that I am wearing a yellow color embroidered dress in an event but I am unable to finds its scarf. So I am wearing a white scarf taken from someone. Then, when I slept after fajr prayer, I saw that I am in my Aunt’s old house and there are other people also. Suddenly it started raining and big rain drops are falling on my head. I go out of the house when the rains stop and I see rain water everywhere. When I step on them, my feet get dirty with mud. When I see at the sky, I see the stars and clouds together. I am thinking that these are the cloud that showers the rain. I did not go out in the rain but I am all wet because of rain water. I enter the neighborhood house and then wake up. (Bint Qasim, Peshawar)

Meaning: You dream interpretation says that your wishes will be fulfilled and you will find peace and love from your husband. However, the fulfillment of your wishes should not take you away from Allah. Pray regularly and keep doing good deeds.

Flying in the Air

Dream: I dreamt that I was flying in the air. I have been dreaming this since childhood. In our old house where we used to stay earlier had a big tree. In my dream I saw myself standing behind the tree. Someone has come to our house. No one is able to see me but I can see everyone and I am still flying in the air. (N.M Haidarabad)

Meaning: According to you dream, you think a lot. And practically you fail in your plans. You need to pray 5-prayers regularly. And read YA BADIO 21 times after every prayer.

Jealous Enemy

Dream: My Husband dreamt that our elder daughter is being dragged by her hair by her aunt (taai). When I come in anger in front of her. She leaves my daughter’s hair and run away. Second dream that I saw was that there is an ant which is 2 to 3 inches long. I think its harmless. But it bites on my younger daughter’s hand.  When the ant tries to run, I saw it turning into a small snake. I often see such dreams like there are snakes in the house, there are dogs after me or a lion is following me. (S, Faisalabad)

Meaning; according to your dream, you have jealous enemy that are your close relatives. They are waiting to harm you and your daughters. You and your daughters should read   

یَاحَافِظُ، یَاحَفِیْظُ، یَانَاصِرُ، یَانَصِیْرُ، یَارَقِیْبُ، یَاوَکِیْلُ، یَااَللہُ یَااَللہُ، یَااَللہُ۔ 

YA HAFIZO, YA HAFEEZO, YA NASIRO, YA NASEERO, YA RAQEEBO, YA WAKEELO, YA ALLAH YA ALLAH YA ALLAH 7 times after every prayers and blow it on yourself.

Family Problems

Dream: I saw my Cousin who likes my cousin in my dream. His house is far from our house and he does not usually come to our house. I saw that my both cousins are at my uncle’s place and are talking to each other very happily. I felt that my female cousin can see me but she is ignoring me. I call my male cousin by gestures of my hand and he sees me.  I have an old gun in my hand. Then I see my son sitting and my female cousin is lying in front of him. My uncle (father’s brother) enters the room. My male cousin is joking with him. My female cousin leaves the room after this. I shoot from my gun but the sound is very low of the fire.

Meaning; you are facing some family issues according to your dream that will soon be resolved InshaAllah. However you should read یَاجَامِعُ  YA JAMIO 21 times after every prayer and pray for your family members as well.

Serving the Religion

Deen ki Khidmat

Dream:  I saw that there are some people gathered with some musical instruments. I, my parents are also along with them. I feel that these people are not good. The situation changes and I see myself having a knife in my hand. Then I see some people and I am feeling that these people have declared to be a Prophet.  I kill one of them and come back home.

Second Dream: someone is following me. I am jumping through all walls and ladders coming in my way and running fast. I beat my enemy when he comes very near. In some dreams I even kill him. I often see a big monster coming in front of me. I get scared of it. I start reading Ayat-ul Kursi and Kalima and blow it on him. The monster stops there and is not able to harm me.  (Nabila , Gujrat)

Meaning; according to your dream, you will be serving your Religion. You enemy will fail. However to gain spiritual power and overcome the hurdles in success you need to develop a connection with any religiously and spiritually strong scholar so that you can be guided properly.

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