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The Pain That Will Swerve a Human

Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

Other than this, an injury of the ear can produce pain in the ear. Injury of the ear can happen due to washing the ear too. Especially if water is filled in the syringe and the ear is washed it can also cause an injury in the ear. And pain can happen in the ear.

(Doctor Altaf Hussain Zakariyya)

Ear pain is included in such ailments of the body that can swerve a human being. For example, kidney pain, tooth ache, and appendix etc. If anyone has them once, he/she cannot forget them for the rest of his/her life. Although there are many reasons for ear pain, perpetual flue can also cause ear pain in which apparently there is no symptom. The ear is completely clean. There is no complaint about water or puss in it. Only due to flue there are signs of swelling on the ear drum. And the ear starts aching. Similarly swelling or itch in the throat can also cause pain in the ear. Because, the openings of ear, nose and throat combine at a particular place. That is why a problem in one opening can affect any other. Such pain can be ordinary too. In this situation flue or throat are treated simultaneously so that the path to germs in closed. And the ear can recover completely.

Other than this another reason for pain in the air is dryness in the ear. This can cause pain in the ear too. Its reason is stoppage of water in the ear and accumulation of dandruff in the head. Due to dandruff in the ear a severe pain can develop in the ear and puss may release from the ear and it may itch. In this the patient is first given medicine to decrease the pain. After this the ear is cleaned. Because till the time there will be dandruff in the ear, pain can happen again. That is why; the ear is completely cleaned in the beginning so much so that ear drums can be visibly seen. Like this, patient’s complaint about a blocked ear is addressed. And similarly, the patient is advised to keep the ear dry. Because, in the ear even a single drop of water can become the cause of dandruff and it can start to grow again. For this, at least for four weeks the patient is advised to keep the ears dry. The reason is that the germs of dryness can keep alive and grow quickly. If its invisible germs are left in the ear, they start growing again and all the symptoms of ear pain start appearing again.

Other than this an injury of the ear can produce pain in the ear. Injury of the ear can happen due to washing the ear too. Especially if water is filled in the syringe and the ear is washed it can also cause an injury in the ear. And pain can happen in the ear. This normally happens at the hands of unauthorized medical practitioners. Sometimes due to this the ear drum explodes. And the patient complains about severe pain in the ear along-with closing of the ear at once. In certain situations puss starts flowing out of the ear. That is why for the illness of the ear it is important to consult an expert doctor.

A severe slap on the ear can also cause pain in the ear. And the ear drum can also explode due to this. In such cases the patient complains about malfunctioning of the ear. Falling on one’s ear can also cause the ear drum to tear apart and cause severe pain. Apart from this worms can develop in the ear. Such things normally happen with those who live in dirty environments. Accumulation of dirty water in the ears of the children who bathe in dirty water in the rainy months can also be a source of developing worms in the ears. That is why most mothers are advised to keep the ears of the children clean. Due to development of worms in the ears, along with having pain in the ears, bleeding and puss can also develop in the ears. Due to the worms the pain of the ears is of a specific kind. This pain happens after certain intervals and is of a specific kind. There is an anxiety all the time. This is the reason that even after applying medicine constantly in the ear, it does not get better until these worms are removed and the wound is healed. The wax of the ear can also cause pain in the ear. Ear wax is of two types. One is hard and one is soft. The hard wax can be removed easily. For this specific type of ear drops are applied to the ear to soften the wax. And then the wax of the ear is removed. It must be remembered that in order to clean the ear the method of using a suction machine is secure. Normally a hard type of wax causes pain in the ear. The reason for this is that the ear duct has a specific volume, in which the wax of only a specific volume can fit. Then it starts creating pain.

In case of any pain in the ear, it should first of all be covered with wool. In case there is a sore, ear pain may start due to passage of air too. That is why it is important to save the ear from air. Then by putting a warm cloth on the ear has a soothing effect too. However, if the ear drum is completely damaged in that case putting drops in the ear is completely forbidden. The patient can have an idea about this that if the ear drum is damaged then by putting the drops in the ear creates severe pain instead of soothing it. And the taste of the drops is felt in the mouth. With these two symptoms the patient should at once consult an ear specialist. Due to timely cure the ear drum can be saved from permanent damage.

If the ear drum gets damaged due to any wound, in such a situation the ear drum restores its place solely due to good care. And it does not need any type of operation. The first care is that to cover the ear with wool. Like this the ear will be saved from dust. The second care is not to put any type of medicine or drops in the ear. In case of pain, medicine or injections can be taken. By not using the drops the ear can be saved from infection or puss. Like this the torn edges of the ear drum restore their place automatically and the hole is filled. In the second scenario, the ear drum can be made only with an operation. In case there is blood in the ear, one should not panic. The ear should be cleaned and covered with wool. And the wool be removed and the level of blood be seen. In this scenario the patient should try to take as much rest as possible. Thus, rest is a remedy for ear pain. And the best strategy for is care is cleanliness and hygiene.

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