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Power of Unity

Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

(Maulana Waheed-ud-din Khan)

No person can do anything tremendous alone. But united struggle has a price. And that price is to overlook the differences and to unite on the common interests.

Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler were contemporaries. But one thing had become an obstacle for both of them in a significant discovery related to astronomy. And that was that none of them had complete expertise on every corner of their respective scientific fields. Tycho Brahe had made a plenty of observations in astronomy. He used to keep writing his observations. He had collected a large volume of a written treasure related to the observations about astronomy. But the second aspect about the knowledge of astronomy is related to mathematics. And Tycho Brahe was weak in mathematics.

On the other hand the situation with Johannes Kepler was that he did not have any expertise in astronomical observations. His only specialty was that he was an expert in mathematics. And from a mathematical point of view he had formulated many precious ideas about astronomy.

Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe had personal differences. So much so that in one of his letters, Johannes Kepler had accused Tycho Brahe of hypocrisy and had bad-mouthed against him. But Tycho Brahe did not become angry with Kepler despite his short temperedness. At the last moment of his life he thought that only Johannes Kepler can be a better inheritor of his knowledge treasure. Thus, he invited Kepler to himself while forgetting all of his rudeness. And in 1601 he gave all of his educational treasure to Johannes Kepler without seeking any reward in return. When all the stock of Tycho Brahe’s observations reached Kepler, the deficiency of Kepler removed. Now he applied all the mathematical power of his mind to associate them with these observations. The result of this came out in these three principles which are known as Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion.

This is the secret to a great success in the present world. Every man has limited knowledge. And based on this any single person cannot do something tremendous alone. But united effort has a price. And that price is to overlook the differences and to unite on common interest. To unite with people despite the differences, this is dignity and generosity.

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