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Cure motions by tea

Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

If you take tea grains it cures motion and you should give it to small children along with sip of water.

The hair of BHATTA is treatment for torn heel skin. I had read about hair of BHATTA in Ubqari and in the book how I got health. A person named Israr Ahmed met me and told me that his heel skin has been damaged and pains a lot and he can’t walk properly. I told him to take hairs of BHATTA according to size of a fist and also 3 cups of water and mix them and heat the mixture on stove and when it is left only equal to one cup then drink it Luke warm. Also rub glycerine and water of rose of equal weight on  heels. By the grace of GOD there was a lot of benefit for him and the pain vanished and the skin tearing was also removed. I read about this mixture of rose water and glycerine in your book.

A small gimmick for the beauty of face: My wife’s lips were always dry no matter if it was summer or winter. The moment I read about your prescription of rubbing oil in naval, I also told my wife and since then she has been acting upon it and now her lips always remain soft and pink.

Treatment of motion in children with tea grains: Someone had once told me that elders and young children both sometime get motions. Then elders should have half a spoon of tea grains with water and children should be given one pinch of tea grains. I have tried this prescription a lot of time and it helps a lot of time.

The trick to protect the vision of eye: I read it in a book and also in Ubqari that if a person after ablution looks at the sky and recites SURAH QADAR then his vision never gets weak and I have told this to my wife as well. We both benefited a lot and whoever we told he also took advantage of it by the grace of GOD.

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