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Will power and health

Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

Junaid raza Lahore

A person who completes big tasks in one leap always remains unsuccessful. His will also becomes weak.

Health is always required for good will power. A brain in sick body also becomes weak. And this way will-power gets less. So it is essential that first small tasks should be accomplished. And success should be gained in them. Usually there is relation between health and will-power. Physical health is vital for improvement and betterment of will-power. And various diseases of mind damage will power severely.

To improve will-power we should examine our physical health. We should quit bad and damaging habits and follow the principle of health (though we need will-power for this)but you can satisfy yourself by making a point of this that not only you are following these principles but are also improving your physical health but also your will-power. To improve your will power there are some scientific facts which are called gimmicks. They have been followed for centuries merely by setting mental routines. But Muslims can attain a lot of will power by worshipping and prayer. To overcome the obstacles of intentions, punctuality is crucial. If you don’t follow a certain time table then you won’t benefit from it. In developing will-power, rising up in the morning is very vital. This creates stamina and zeal in a human being which urges him to work all day long.      

In the beginning it is very difficult to let go of bad habits. And it is impossible without will power but if a certain task is repeated again and again then we become habitual to that and that work doesn’t remain much difficult. You should exercise your intentions everyday. Slowly and gradually - not only this exercise will benefit the development of will power but also will help to develop the physical being.

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