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Reality of Dua in light of latest science (Imran Haider, Quetta)

Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

Allama Fazal Ilahi Arfi writes in his book “Falsafah Dua”: “Praying is beautiful need of human nature that’s why when we get surrounded by troubles, unintentionally our hands raise for dua. Words come out from heart like a plea, these words delivered unintentionally is known as dua”

Calling out during worries is a natural reality. Man through his this natural instinct makes himself inferior in front of a superior personality and ask for help. Interpreter of natural religion also throw light on this that when human gets in trouble he asks for help from his creator. Reality of this natural instinct is praying from Allah and Allah only.

Reasons of restlessness and depression and satisfied heart

We get restless, depressed and disappointed because we expect from someone and when our expectations doesn’t get fulfill then we get depressed. Second reason of depression is “expectation for more (مزید من ہل)” that means if one wish gets fulfilled, it brings another wish. Long expectation and wishes leads towards lack of satisfaction that’s why natural religion has opposed “ امل طول” and always taught contentment. Prayer is best way of satisfaction of heart because prayers that are asked from ALLAH does not contain useless wishes. Prayers polish our wishes and needs and give us wealth of contentment. Greatest benefit of prayer is that it automatically gives satisfaction to heart. Toms’s Rlayal ideology of happiness reveals one part of wisdom of prayers. His ideology is that happiness comes towards you if you haven’t made it your last goal. We get depressed if we make happiness our last goal. We get mental agony and grief.

Have a look at the quality of prayer; we only pray for relief from troubles but it also provides satisfaction to heart.

That’s why even your wish is not fulfilled after prayer, you get satisfaction. Crying while praying relieves heaviness from heart. Clouds of sorrow and grief on mind showers in the form of tears and that’s how we get relief.


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