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Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

Breathing Problem

I am 19 years old.  I suffer problem while breathing. I have not recovered from it after all the treatment. I am unable to take long and deep breath. I am out of breath when I run or do any such activity. I also have mucus in my throat. Apart from this, my heart beat also goes high. This increase in heart beat is caused due to walking or running and sometimes even becomes higher without any work. I don’t feel it often. I feel it while lying down or while sitting on the chair and lay back. My left arm often feels tired. My body temperature is higher as compared to others.(Mukhtar, Gujranwala)

Advice: Eat ½ spoon of Majoon Sanober in the morning. Lick a spoon of Laoq Sapistan prior to sleep. Eat 5g of Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala at 5 in the evening. InshaAllah you shall benefit. Follow diet number 2.

Rid from diseases

I am 17 years old. My problem is that that I get very thin loose motion; only in the morning. Rest of the day I don’t. I am very upset due to this. Second problem is that I get urine drops even after urinating. I am suffering from this problem since last one year. I am also very weak. I remain fit in winter. Only during summer I get this problem. I have taken lots of medication to cure this problem but it never cured. I also avoid food that I am asked to avoid but still it does not help.  Please advise me food that can help me get rid of these diseases.(Tariq, Bahawalpur)

Advice: Eat 2 bananas after your meal. InshAllah it will benefit you. Don’t drink Milk, Avoid spices. Follow food mentioned in chart number 3

Stomach Problems

My problem is that I am unable to pass stool as required. I eat lots of guavas that helps me a lot.  I suffered from Cholera three years back which caused a knot near my stomach. Now whatever I eat, I feel pain in my stomach and it becomes hard. I also don’t have my periods on time.  I have started taking syrup prescribed by a doctor and I am only eating boiled vegetables and that has really helped in my condition. I remain upset most of the time. I am scared that something would happen next moment. I have become very suspicious. I am also unable to concentrate on anything I do. Do not have mental peace. I am always worried. I have got white spots on my face and red spots on my arms, body and neck. These red spots often become very dry and itchy. I am unable to understand my disease. I feel hunger like normal but unable to understand the problem in digestive system, hair Fall and upset behavior. Please advise me something that can cure all my problems forever. My parents are tired of getting me treated from different places. Apart from this, please advise me some effective syrup for regular periods. My age is almost 18 Years.

(Areesha, Rawalpindi)

Advice: Include vegetables, vegetable gravy, almonds, honey, raisins, fresh fruit etc in your diet. After meal, eat  6g of jawarish kamooni. InshaAllah, it will benefit.

Tablets for Malaria

I had Malaria recently. I had taken tablets to treat Malaria. That time I felt slight palpitation but then it went away after few days. This happened due to Malaria tablet. Apart from this, my stomach is very acidic. My condition gets very upset whenever I drink tea or any soft drink. Few time back, I felt that I had got malaria again, and started taking the tablets on my own. The first time I took the tablets, my condition got very bad and felt palpitation. But I still continued and completed the course. Then someone advised that that these tablets are very strong. So in order to compensate the strong effects of these tablets, increase your liquid intake.  Due to which I started drinking soft drinks and glucose liquid. This caused my heart beat to become very fast. I could feel the heat in my body. Sometime I vomit and sometime don’t. Chest, heart and stomach often become very warm. Now I am very scared, please advise me so that the palpitation, acidity can be treated. Sometimes I feel hungry and sometimes don’t. I am very upset.

(Faiza, Karachi)

Advice: It is weird that you were still taking the tablets/medicine that was worsening your condition. Anyways, take a spoon of Jawarish Shahi after meals. Include milk in your breakfast. Eat pure butter. Cook vegetables or vegetable gravy in desi ghee and eat. InshaAllah, it will benefit. Use diet number 1.

Strange burning sensation

My problem is that since last one year I feel burning on the other end of my tongue that sometimes stays for a month, week or sometimes goes away on its own. My tongue looks fine physically. But I feel strange as if someone has scratched it with stone. My stomach is also fine and I eat regular food.(Azeem, Banno)

Advice: Eat a spoon of Jawarish Shahi after both meals. Soak ispaghol in water and gargle with it. Suck 5-6 pieces of baheedna. Avoid mutton, eggs, fish, chili and hot spices. InshaAllah, it will benefit. It is necessary to avoid all kinds of sour things. Reduce the intake of tea. You can take tea with extra milk. Take diet number 3.

Irregular Periods

My age is 19 years and I am unmarried. I have irregular periods. Sometimes I get them after a month and sometimes after one and a half month. Once I got them after two months. I suffered from a very bad back ache at that time. Few months back, during my periods, I felt intense heat in my body and my feet. This caused my feet to become very itchy. Then I applied Mehndi on my feet which eased my problem. I am suffering from this problem from last 4 years now.(Nabila, Shahkot)

Advice: Add one spoon of Bazoori Maatadil in luke warm water and drink it; day and night. Avoid meat, Chicken, Fish, egg. Eat Papaya or melon after meal. InshaAllah it will be beneficial. Follow food mentioned in Chart 1.

Thin Hair

I am 18 years old and my problem is that I have very thin hairs. I had very thick and healthy hairs few years back. Now they are very thin. I also have some poxes on my head and they pain a lot. I am very upset because of this.(Bushra Naseem)

Advice: Eat 6g Etrefeel Shahtra, morning and evening. Write again after 20 days. Write in detail about your hair. Use hair oil regularly. Take diet number 2.

Letter full of Hope

I am 16 years old. My problem is that I have spilt ended hair. Many people gave advices but nothing works. Trimming hairs also do not help. I am writing this letter full of hope to you that you can solve my problem. Please suggest such treatment that my hair becomes shiny and healthy. I will be very thankful to you.(Rukhsana, Lahore)

Advice: Soak whole ispaghol at night and strain it through a cloth in the morning. Apply its extract to your hair. Wash after sometime. Do not do this during winters as ispaghol is very cold. Hopefully it would help. Take diet number 2.

Complexion Seems Dark

My age is 55 years. My problem is that I have started getting black moles on my face due to which my skin color looks dark. I also have headache frequently. I have mucus in my throat during winter. Please suggest me some treatment as soon as possible. Also suggest any medication for whiteness of eyes.(Bushra, Sahiwal)

Advice: Add 1 ratti of kushta marjaan jawahir to 6g of atrafeel isto khudas. Apply special surma to eye. Get laser treatment for eyes. Use diet number 1.

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